Venus transit in Libra for all Zodiac Signs redictions

Results for all Signs of Venus transit in Libra :- We’re going to discuss in this blog about Venus transit in Libra sign for all zodiac signs, what results Venus will give? normally Venus is significator of wealth and cashflow, but he is also represents eyes in generally, only when Venus is combust in someone’s […]


Rahu in all houses in vedic astrology

What are the results of Rahu in all houses in vedic astrology? Rahu in all houses in vedic astrology.  Rahu is significator of materialism, dreaming big, out of the box thinking, getting the best share in everything, gambling, illusion, cheat, etc, let’s find out results of rahu in different house in your birth chart in […]


Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology

  What are the results of Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology. Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology in your birth chart.  1st house For instance, Magnetic personality, good grammarian, majestic appearance, highly educated, many children, learned, dexterous, long lived, respected by rulers, philologist, political success, sagacious, stout body, able, influential, leader. 2nd […]


Moon placed in all houses in vedic astrology

    What are the results of Moon placed in all the houses in your birth chart in vedic astrology. Moon placed in all houses from 1st to 12th, find out the keywords below. Moon placed in 1st house For instance, Native are Fanciful and romantic, moderate eater, an attractive appearance, inclined to corpulence, windy […]


Know according to birth date you’re prone to which disease?

If you’re born on date 4 or 13 of any month you’re mulank would be 4 since 1 + 3 = 4. accordingly, Checkout below which health problems disease you can get? Mulank 1 If you’re born on 1, 10, 19, 28 date of any month then For instance, You’re prone to getting heart disease, […]


Career interests according to Birth Months

Below checkout the paragraphs according to your birth months,  Birth Months saying about  career.   Check out by your birth months. January This month is related to planet Sun  and Saturn . Normally people born in this month are happy to go persons. Most of the time they are happy and not often they get […]


How are Friday born people like?

Prediction about Friday born people ?   Full Blog about traits about natives born on Friday (Prediction) Prediction about Friday born people at any time of the years and in any part of world. Checkout their general traits and more  facts about them or find out more about yourself ? . General Personality traits for […]


Financial forecast for 2020 for all zodiac signs

Your Finance 2020 This blog is about Financial Forecast 2020 for All Moon Sign, Check it with your Moon Sign. Aries ♈️ For Aries ascendant people, you’re 2nd house of wealth and family is venus, It’s showing good in terms of finance for this year. Ketu’s transit in the 9th house can help you get […]


Jupiter Transit Predictions for all Moon signs

Jupiter Transit This blog is about Jupiter transit for all Moon signs, it will transit from 5th November 2019 to 30th November 2020 in Sagittarius. Prediction for Jupiter transit in sagittarius for all Zodiac signs, you should check this blog from your moon sign. Aries ♈️  ( Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius ) If you’re Moon […]


Result of Mars Transiting in Virgo for all Moon Signs

Mars transit in virgo is till 10th November 2019. let’s know in this blog what will be the predictions of mars transit in virgo for all the moon signs.   Mars Transit in Virgo for moon in Aries people, Mars is lord of aries itself and transiting in 6th house from aries, Right now venus, […]