libra ascendant

Libra Ascendant Characteristics

You were born when Libra sign was Rising in the Sky, this post is for you

Libra Ascendant people known to be beautiful, because for obvious reason, it is ruled by planet venus, this people would love beautification, luxury items and masses peoples. here in this case the natural 7th house is coming on to the head on the first house, so one can say that native would think of their spouse all the time, business and about people.

libra ascendant
                                                                                  Tula Lagna

Planet Venus is lord of Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Rising

  • This people are devoted to their god, it’s differential and regarded as worthy of great honor.

  • One is active and possess a lean and thin body.

  • Tall in stature.

  • Deft in Trading.

  • Patient and intent on being first.

  • Native often have two names.

  • Has few children.

  • Fond of wandering.

  • One is brave ,

  • Merciless

  • Impartial in its Arguments.

  • Rough body and harsh nature.

  • Phlegmatic and windy Temperament.

  • Thoughtlessly begin a work.

  • Short neck.

  • Grateful Personality.

  • Acquires Wealth.

  • Becomes famous by acts of liberality.

  • Serves under Perceptor

  • Respected by father, brothers and others.

  • Fond of walking.

  • Virtuous.

  • Conceal himself to escape troubles from their staff.

  • Could lose his wife.

  • Fond of fight and suffer from grief.

in conclusion, so this are some of the general traits of libra rising peoples, above all, if you don’t know what is your rising please make sure to mail or DM on Instagram.

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