Year 2021 according to ascendant in vedic astrology?

Do you know your ascendant / lagna? it is the sign which is situated in your first house in your birth chart, when you were born in vedic astrology.

This are in general predictions according to your lagna / Ascendant  in Jyotish ( vedic astrology ) for year 2021

Aries Lagna

Aries Sign (Mesh Rashi)

This year according to vedic astrology will be good for you, as 10th lord saturn will be placed in your 10th house throughout the year. specially the first few months on 2021 will be lucky for you, because 2021 year is ruled by planet mercury. This will help the world and vaccination will start in january 2021. till april 2021 your  self confidence, respect and happiness will be on rise. still you guys need to take care of your anger.

  • Because mars lagna lord planet is placed in 1st house itself and it is significator of anger and actions. This year will experience support from family and friends will be more so you should do the same. this will help to keep good relations. From August 2021 your financial condition will increase and business will be on rise. In addition, Student should focus more on their studies and target this year, your hard work can even change your destiny. Your should take care of your daily habits. Entire year as remedy do hanuman chalisa.

Taurus Lagna

Taurus Sign (Vrishabh Rashi)

Rahu is placed in your ascendant, this indicates it is transformational year time of your life, which will last till next 18 years till next rahu transit. Rahu’s aspect on saturn is not considered good. From 17 Feb to May 2021 you will get full support from your friends. In 2020, your financial condition was hampered, but 2021 brings great relief to you. You’ll be able to save and invest too. Specially if you work in Stock market from years and you have expierence it’ll give you good profits. People who are looking for job will get the job, specially after feb. From May to September 2021, In addition, you should take care of your health, do Yoga. From October 2021 stay away from legal affairs and cases. This year for students it’ll be great, just concentrate.

Gemini Lagna

Gemini Sign (Mithun Rashi)

At the beginning of the year in 2021, there are great chances of financial gains in January. if you want to benefit from 2021, you should take care and be regular of your daily habits. From May to September 2021, your luck will be absolutely with you. People who are working in job or having business will get good results. In 2021, relatives will be with you and if you had problem with somebody, it’ll be fade away.

  • If you had problem and losses in 2020, then 2021 will make up for it because year 2021 is ruled by planet mercury. From September to November you should be bit careful. In addition, From November 2021 you’ll get benefit in your work place. For students this is a good year for you, because 5th house is ruled by planet Venus, due to friendship with mercury it’ll produce confidence in them. As remedy practise Ganesh Chalisa.


Cancer Lagna

Cancer Sign (karka Rashi)

This year will be normal for you, at the beginning of year you would need to tackle unwanted problems. This year you need to concentrate on your self and be in disciple. From Feb people will be supporting. From August to October 2021 you should take care of your health. Take care while taking long distance travel and at the same time stay way from intoxicated products. After April there are chances of getting a new job and better pay. In addition, Last three months of the year will be great for you, you can start some new work. Worship Shivlinga.


Leo Lagna

Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)

Beginning of the year, you need to be careful from your enemies because of the transit of jupiter and saturn in your 6th house. Feb will reduce stress and bring financial relief. In addition, From may to October Marital life will be good. Health will be great compare to 2020. last 3 months of the year will bring good news. Chant Gayatri mantri.


Virgo Lagna

Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

This year will be good for you. Just stay away from addiction. This year will bring relief from health problems. This year will solve problems of 2020. it’ll bring financial gains. In addition, You’ll be smart and be influence by strong minds. For instance, Students will concentrate in studies.

Libra Lagna

Libra Sign (Tula Rashi)

This year will be normal for you, people will support you this year. Take care of your health. From April to September take care of your relations. This year can help increase business. In addition, Education work will good. Stay strong, relations with children will be good. Respect mother and all ladies.


Scorpio Lagna

Scorpio Sign (Vrishik Rashi)

This year for scorpio ascendant in vedic astrology will be good for you, because saturn will be placed in your 3rd house. Slowly financial problems will get solved. Natives will get promotion and will get respect and success. You guys worked in 2020 even in lockdown without thinking about your own life, it will be appreciated and rewarded. In addition, In 2021 luck will be with you but stay way from anger. In September 2021 you could be bit worried about your health. Worship Lord hanuman, at the end of the year you could get benefit from foreign too.


Sagittarius Lagna

Sagittarius Sign (Dhanu Rashi)

This year for sagittarius ascendant in vedic astrology  will be beneficial for you, it’ll bring happiness and finances. but after 5th april, Student will have good year, In addition, Take care of your anger and health problems specially if you had liver problem before. For instance, Your Spouse will support you. Worship lord Vishnu.


Capricorn Lagna

Capcricorn Sign (Makar Rashi)

Saturn and Jupiter will be placed in your ascendant at the beginning of your year. This year will be mixed with hard work, it gives a condition, it’ll give good result according to your hard work. From March to September 2021, there will be many chances, people will get new job. Natives will get benefit fro property. In addition, you’ll be able to beat your enemies. You can become new parents too. Last 3 months of the year will be beneficial and gain from old investment is anticipated. Financial condition will be better.


Aquarius Lagna

Aquarius Sign (Kumbh Rashi)

This year for aquarius ascendant in vedic astrology will be good for you. there are strong chances of getting financial gains. You’ll be able to get rid of old debt. March to September 2021 new work and job could be started. In addition, by june, july, natives can get married. Take care of your health in September. it’ll be great year compare to 2020.


Pisces Lagna

Pisces Sign (Meen Rashi)

This year for pisces ascendant in vedic astrology sidereal will be normal for you. Keep your mind stable. In feb take care of your health specially related to liver and digestion issues. From feb to September, new work can be started. In addition, There can be some problems with close ones. For instance, Financial condition will get better. End of year will bring financial gains.


In a Conclusion, this was the in general results according to lagna/Ascendant of a person for 2021 year.

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