How to check promise through cuspal sub lord in KP astrology?

  • In KP astrology, if we want to know if a certain event will happened in life, then we first check the promise with cuspal sub lord, if the answer is yes then event will happen otherwise, event will never happen in the life.
  • And further, with the help of Mahadasha Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha and transit, we can exactly time, when will exactly event will happen in life, in this blog, we’re going to find out how to check cuspal sub lord promise.
  • Actually Cuspal sub lord tool is really important and helpful tool to check promise and to know what house activities, we should perform, to get best and which house activities one should avoid since in the promise the bad results regarding certain house might be promise.
  • First a fall, we can check promise with person’s birth chart details but birth time should be accurate to get right results, if you have doubt about birth time being inaccurate, you can consult us to do birth time Retification for you.
  • But there’s another very favorable option, that is to use KP prashna chart, but keep in mind it should be a valid prashna.
  • For the prashna Ayanamsha we always use KP new, and for birth chart we use KP old for births before 2000 and for the later we use KP new, anyways you are free to use any ayanamsha you like, you’ll get the results as long as you’re connected to divine.
  • Now What is promise? in KP astrology, for example if one wants to check if one will be simply able to marry in life, then their 7th cuspal sub lord’s nakshatra lord should give 2 7 11, even just 7 or 11 is yes because only 11 is fulfillment of desire regarding 7th house that is marriage.
  • You can even take number of cuspal sub lord when it is untenanted otherwise you can straight go to nakshatra lord numbers.
  • What is Cuspal Sub lord ? Cuspal sub lord simply means sub lord of the cusp, in this case sub lord of the house.
  • Who are untenanted planets in KP astrology? – untenanted planets are the planets who has not become nakshatra lord lord of any other planet in the chart.
  • then they are bound it give their own results as well with nakshatra lord.
  • When planets have become nakshatra lord of other planets then they tenanted and we straight go and check the numbers of nakshatra lord.
  • When a planet is in its own nakshatra, it acts like it is untenanted planet and gives its own results too. even if they have become nakshatra lord of other planets, they would act like untenanted.
  • There’s another concept called independent house under untenanted planets but i guess it would be too much to digest all together right now, so i guess we would discuss this in some of our other blogs.
  • Lets just take some example to understand the cuspal sub lord promise concept better.
  • For example in KP astrology, the best combination for wealth is 2 6 11. which ever house is giving 2 6 11 combination in house promise, that particular house activity can give you immense wealth, even just two house like 6 11 is good.
  • But keep in mind opposite of 2 6 11 is 5 8 12 so when house promise is giving 5 8 12, that particular house activity will give losses.
  • Sometimes people are doing work of the house in their chart which are 5 8 12 in their cuspal promise, that is why, instead of gains they get huge losses.
  • That is why, checking cuspal promise is very important, though should at the same always check their Mahadasha antardasha and Pratyantar dasha as well.
  • Lets take a example chart here of Bill Gates.
astrology vedic
  • Lets have a look at cuspal sub lord script of Bill Gates himself,
  • We all know he has made a great money from his business by starting software company Microsoft.
  • Bill Gates’s 7th cuspal sub lord is Saturn and in his birth chart Saturn is untenanted so we’ll directly look at its Nakshatra / Star lord.
  • Saturn’s Nakshatra lord is Jupiter and he is giving numbers – 2 6 10 .
  • So how to interpret this script ?
  • 2 means he can make money from 7th house activity like business etc, 6 also is money house in KP and specifically it shows payments or expenditure of his customers, and 10 shows regarding 7th house activity he would be having career.
  • Here there was no money loss houses that’s why it is good.
  • Now how you can interpret what kind of business he should be doing, we already know can gain from business.
  • For that we should look at Source planet that is Saturn 7th cuspal sub lord, its giving numbers – 5 7 8 , this makes the picture clear, 5th house is any kind of product development, 7th is business and 8th house in source planet shows bringing innovation in business, big changes like never before, transformation.
  • Hope with this example, you would have been able to understand, how to interpret Cuspal sub lord theory and check promise of any person, just keep in mind before interpret any birth chart accuracy of birth time is important since sub lord changes after every few minutes, in absence of right time case prashna chart would be perfect option and will give correct answers.

In a Conclusion, this was a quick blog on KP astrology cuspal sub lord theory.

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