General results produced in Sun Mahadasha and sub periods

What are the results you can experience in Sun Mahadasha and inside it of Sub periods? find out in this blog!


The Sun Dasha is for 6 years

The Dasha of  the Sun in Aries in deep exaltation – This are the results of Sun being in Aries when Sun Mahadasha is going on – Sudden gains in cattle and wealth, much travelling in eastern countries, residence in foreign countries, quarrels among friend and relations, in addition, pleasure trips and picnic parties and company of beautiful women.


– When Sun is placed in Mooltrikona sign in birth chart results are Birth of children, much respect from high personages, gains in cattle and money, acquisition of power and political success.


– When Sun is placed in Taurus sign in birth chart results are Increase in landed properties, fame among relations and friends, cultivation of love and reverence for holy people and saints.


– When Sun is placed in Gemini sign in birth chart results are much wealth, education, inclination to interest oneself in music and such other fine arts, and generally happy and cheerful. 


– Political success, always happy, travelling in foreign countries and increase in lands, houses and wealth.


– Respect from kings and noble personages. righteous conduct, birth or children and respect among children.


Suffering off and on from physical complaints, loss or cattle, wealth and house and misunderstandings with close relatives and friends.


– Reduced to poverty, troubled by enemies, failure in undertakings, death of brothers and friends and misearble and complicated life.


– Starting new schemes and enterprises, realsation of many ambitious things, travelling in hilly tracts and countries.


– Happiness, success in undertakings, good health, destruction of enemies, satisfaction in every way.


 – A wandering life, loss of patrimony, self respect and good name, misunderstanding among his own people.


– Mental worries, loss or illness to wife, loss of property and wealth.


– Gains in wealth, auspicious celebrations, respect among relations, increase in family members and smooth sailing in every way.


The Sun’s sub-period-3 months, 18 days.

Now inside Sun Mahadasha, there are constantly entardasha or Sub period is going on, so let’s find out in this part what are results of different Sub periods in Sun Mahadasha :-

Results of Sun Mahadasha and Sun Sub period are happening Unpleasantness with relatives and superiors, anxieties, headache, pain in the ear, in addition, some tendency to urinary or kidney, troubles, sickness, fear from rulers and enemies.

In addition, fear of death, loss of money, danger to father if the Sun is afflicted, stomach- ache and travels, gains through religious people, mental sufferings, a wandering life in a foreign country.

The Moon ‘s sub-period- 6 months.

Winning favour from superiors, increase in business, fresh enterprises, troubles through women, eye troubles, many relatives and friends, in addition, indulgence in idle pastimes,

jaundice and kindred ailments, new clothes and ornaments, will be happy, healthy, good meals, respect among relatives.

Mars’ sub-period-4 months, 6 days.

Rheumatic and similar troubles, quarrels, danger of enteric fever, dysentery, troubles to relatives, loss of money by thefts or wasteful expenses, in addition, failures, acquisition of wealth in the form of gold and gems.

Royal favour leading to prosperity, contraction and transmission of bilious and other diseases, mental worries, danger from fire, ill-health, loss of reputation, sorrow.


Rahu’s sub-period – 10 months, 24 days.

Many troubles, changes according to the position of Rahu, family disputes, journeys, pang of death, trouble from relatives and enemies, loss of peace or mental misery, loss of money, in addition, sorrows, unsuccessful in all attempts, fear of thieves and reptiles, scandals.


Jupiter’s sub-period-9 months, I8 days.

Benefits from friends and acquaintances, increase in education, employment in high circles, association with people of high rank, success through obstacles, birth of a child.

In addition, wealth got through sons (if there is a son), honour to religious people, virtuous acts, good traditional observances, good society and conversations, reputation, gains and court-honours.


Saturn’s sub-period- 11 months, 12 days.

Constant sickness to family members, new enemies, some loss of property, bodily ailments, much unhappiness, dis- placement from home accidents, quarrels with relatives,

in addition, loss of money, disease, lacking in energy, ignoble calls, mental worries, loans, danger from thieves and rulers.


Mercury’s sub-period- 10 months, 6 days.

Gain in money, good reputation, acquisition of new clothes and ornaments. new education.

trouble through relatives, mental distress, depression of spirits, waste of money and nervous weakness.

No comforts, friends becoming enemies, much anxiety and fears, in addition, health bad.

children uo- grateful. disputes and trouble from ruler or judge, suffer disgrace, many sbort journeys and wanderings.


Ketu.’s sub-period-4 months, 6 days.

Loss of money, affliction of mind with troubles, faintings or nervous exhaustion, mind full of misgivings, a long journey to a distant place. change of house due to disputes, troubles among relatives and associates, throat disease, mental anguish, ophthalmia, serious illness, in addition, fear from kings or rulers (government) and enemies, diseases, cheated by other.


Venus’ Sub-period- 1 year.

Gain of money, respect by rulers and gain of vehicles, likelihood of marriage,

increase of property, in addition, iIIness, does many good works, acquisition of pearls or other precious stones,

fatigue, addiction to immoral females and profitless discussions .

In a Conclusion this are results of Sun Mahadasha in vedic astrology and of Sub period inside it.

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