Who are Greatest & True Devotees by Lord Vishu?

This tale about lord Vishnu and Markandeya mentioned in the Puran (Scriptures), narrated by Sanat kumars to Dev Rishi Narada. In this blog, find out how one can get liberation by being true devotee and What are the characteristics of him? as Lord Vishnu.   Once upon a time, there was a devotee of Narayan, […]


How Vedic Astrology is different from Western Astrology?

Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology, Which is Better? For instance, Vedic astrolody is known to give very precise prediction, and many people use it all over the world. Western astrology gives importance to Sun sign while Vedic astrology gives more importance to Moon sign Vedic Astrology Goes Way Back ! Further Than Western Astrology! Vedic […]


Who are 9 Planets in Vedic Astrology? Part2

Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology? Part2 There are 9 main Planets in Vedic Astrology. Let’s know in this post who are they? How they look like and more? This post is continued from Part1 so if you haven’t read it yet checkout here –  Who-are-9-planets-in-Vedic-astrology? Signication of planets are given below:- Planets (Graha) […]


Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology?

Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology? There are 9 main Planets in Vedic Astrology, let’s know in this post who are they? how they look like and more? Sun SUN IS Son of Rishi Kashyab (he is Saptarishi, 7 sages of Universe) He’s famous children are Yam, Yami, Saturn and Ashwini Kumars. Has curly […]

Know What do you think? According to Moon signs

Moon in All Zodiac Signs   In Vedic Astrology Moon is the signifactor of mind and emotions etc, so whenever we want to know about mind and general behaviour  we see moon sign, moon is considered as one of the most important planet in vedic astrology, it is said that some bad yoga related to […]

What is Astrology ?

What is Astrology? Vedic Astrology is the oldest one out here in the world and then comes Greek astrology, which now a days people call it western astrology.     Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology is so powerful that we can predict anything with the help of it like how will be person’s nature. What he/she […]

Jupiter Transit in Scorpio and Results for all Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit in Scorpio From October 2018. gochar JUPITER TRANSIT Transiting through Scorpio from 11th October 2018. Which is in friend Mars’s Sign and Jupiter is going to be here, in this sign for about 1 year, Jupiter moved here from Libra is ruled by Venus which is a enemy, Last year was not that great […]