Analysis of C3 ai company from astrological perspective.

C3 ai is an enterprise which works on ai and it claims that they solve problems which was not solvable before through ai. One of the few works categorise as 1. unifying all the data 2. Build A.I models 3. deploy critical A.I applications. Company also claims to 4.8 millions their A.I application in use currently, which sounds like a great achievement already. Their A.I applications are also able to 1.8 billion predictions per day. Glassdoor also rated it as best place to work. Overall a very interesting and futuristic company to analyse, lets have a look at their astrological chart what it has to say about it.

According to trading birth chart of C3 ai, it was first traded on new york stock exchange on 9th december 2020 at 11:54 am new york time. It is Aquarius rising at 16.22 degree Satabhisha as lagna nakshatra.

  • 1st lord is placed in 12th house with 2nd and 11th lord shows that there could be gains from import/export, trade with foreign clients/customers or with people from far away places. Company must be interested in expanding its business in foreign lands outside of its place, which would be more profitable. even though jupiter and saturn are in 12th house but in KP chart they’re placed in 11th house of great gains which is a good thing, means when their period will come, they’ll actually give results of 11th.
  • 5th lord mercury is placed in 10th with 7th lord sun and ketu in scorpio sign. Mercury is not necessarily in bad position, 10th house is quite a good place to be with sun and ketu, it’ll give good fame and status for the company.
  • Specially Sun which is duplicate Yogi planet is placed at 23 degree in jyeshtha nakshatra, which specially signifies wealth.
  • 9th lord venus placed in 9th house itself in libra sign, it shows great luck and fortune, though in KP chart venus is placed in 8th house.
  • In this chart Yogi point is at 13 degree Leo and Part of Fortune is at 8 degree Sagittarius.
  • When looks at the upcoming transit Jupiter is currently is transiting in the lagna which is already a good sign for prosperity.
  • I expect a great pump from 24th January 2022 since Jupiter will transit Lagna and also aspect Yogi point at 13 degree, 1/2 weeks of +/- in events fruition can happen too in the transit.
  • On 1st March 2022, Company is going to release quarterly earnings, i expect a decline or negative reaction after earnings, i think the run would have already happen before earnings.
  • On 1st March 2022, 1st lord saturn, 4th lord, 5th lord, 8th lord, 9th lord, 10th lord will be transiting in 12th house. normally just 5th and 1st house lord transiting 12th house signifies losses for speculation and stock price.

In a Conclusion, this was the in general results according to lagna/Ascendant of a person for 2021 year.

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