The Pillar of Fire

Why Brahma was Cursed by Lord Shiva?

What was Lord Brahma’s mistake?


Lord shiva has many names like,

  1. Mahadev which means He is God of Gods,
  2. Shiv, Tripurari one who destroyed Tripur,
  3. Bholenath means easily please able (Innocent, Naive),
  4. Veragi Shiva means one who can given up world and worldly pleasures,
  5. Pasupatinath means protector of animals,
  6. Bhootnath means one who controls 5 tatvas of life,
  7. Aghori Shiva, Mahesh etc.


Nadikeshwarji had narrated the tale of battle of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu

Once while at the beginning of the time in the Sat Yuga, Lord Brahma had reached the abode of lord vishnu. He saw Lord Vishnu resting on Shesh-Nag and being attended by his Vahana Garuda and other attendants.

When Lord Brahmaji saw that Vishnu did Not get up to receive him, he became very angry. Very soon, Verbal dual erupted between them,

It became so severe that a Battle was fought between them,

which actually continued for a very long time.

All the Deities from heaven came to watch the battle. They became very worried when they saw no sign of battle coming to an end.

They decided to go to Lord Shiva in the Himalaya where he resides, to seek help.

Now the funny thing is though “Lord Shiva knew everything, but still feigned ignorance, 😁 that’s the thing about him though he’s in meditation he always knows everything what is going in the world , “Lord Shiva is TrikalDarshi means knows all three kals ,past present and future what is going to happen ”

He asked about the well beings of the world . The deities replied about battle,

Fought between Brahmaji and Vishnuji.

Lord shiva then sent his 1 hundred ganas (his devotees who stays with him) to pacify both of them. He too went there accompanied by Mother Parvati.

When Mahadev reached there , he saw that Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were about to use their deadly weapons Maheshwar and Pashupat.


Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of ‘Analstamba’ (pillar of fire) between them.

The Pillar of Fire
The Pillar of fire in front of Vishnu and Brahma

Both had already released their weapons Maheshwar and Pashupat , both the weapons fell into the that pillar of fire and got destroyed. Brahma and Vishnu were very surprised to see the pillar of fire, which was so enormous in size that it reached the sky and penetrated down the earth.

Now both went on to find the end,

  • Lord Vishnu transformed himself into a boar and went to the Patal (nether world) to find the base of that pillar of fire. But he was not successful in his attempt and came back.
  • Similarly brahma transformed himself into swan and flew up in the sky to find its limit. While going through the aerial route he met a withered “ketaki flower”, which had still some freshness and fragrance left in it.

“Shiva has smiled watching the futile attempts, as a result of smile the Ketaki flower fell down from the branch. Flower told brahma that he had been present there since the beginning of the creation, but was unable to know about the origin of that Pillar of Fire.

  • The flower also advised lord brahma against making any effort in that direction, as it would be of no use.
  • “Lord Brahma then sought the help of ketaki flower to give a false witness before lord vishnu, that he had been successful in seeing the limit of that pillar of fire. Ketaki flower agreed.
  • Both of them went toVishnu and Brahmaji told him that he had seen the limit of that Pillar of fire. Ketaki flower gave a witness.

Lord Vishnu accepted the superiority of Brahma.

lord vishnu
Lord Vishnu
  • “Mahadev became very angry with lord Brahma. He proceeded to punish Brahma for his falsehood. Vishnu requested shiva to spare the life of brahma.
  • Lord Shiva became pleased with vishnuji and accorded him the same staus as Hat of his own.
  • After according same status to vishnu as that of his own,

    third eye
    Opened third eye of Mahadev
  • Shiv opened his third eye from it manifested ‘Bhairav’. He ordered bhairav to kill brahmaji.
  • Bhairav severed the fifth head of lord Brahma with his sword.
  • Brahma became very terrified and trembled in fear,
  • Lord vishnu felt pity on his condition and requested to forgive him.
  • Mahadev then stopped Bhairav, but told Brahma that “you spoke untruth with a desire to become worshippable.
  • It is my Curse that, “You will not be worshipped by anybody. You will posses only four heads”.


Brahma begged his forgiveness, Shiva feeling pity on him gave him a boon of being the Presiding deity of all the yagya.

Similarly ketaki flower also prohibited from being used during worship. But when tendered his apology Shiva gave blessing that it would be fortunate to be offered to Vishnu during the worship.

So this is how Lord Brahma was cursed by Mahadev.

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According to different legends there are many tales stating why was brahma’s head was Removed, but it is sure that due to some mistake done by lord brahma, punishment was given by Shiva.

Source – Shiva Purana

pictures credit to hotstar and life ok.

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