Who are Greatest & True Devotees by Lord Vishu?

This tale about lord Vishnu and Markandeya mentioned in the Puran (Scriptures), narrated by Sanat kumars to Dev Rishi Narada.

In this blog, find out how one can get liberation by being true devotee and What are the characteristics of him? as Lord Vishnu.

Narayan with Ma Laxmi on Sheshnaag at Ksheersagar.


  1. Once upon a time, there was a devotee of Narayan, Mrikandu, he had observed a very severe penance at the holy pilgrimage center of Shaligram.

  2. King of gods Indra was too worried about him, that he might get boon and could be a problem for him one day, he with other gods went in the adobe of Vishnu, Narayan was residing on sheshnag at the Ksheersagar the ocean of milk. Listening to the prayers god came and said “I’m fully aware about your miseries. But you’re worries are meaningless because Maharishi Mrikandu is really a gentleman. He is not going to harm you in any way. Even if the situation arises, he is ready to protect and lord disappeared, assured by lords word, gods returned to their adobe.
  3. On the other hand, lord Vishnu appeared before Mrikandu, he opened his eyes. Saw lord standing before him, four-armed, blue and radiant appearance caused great exhilaration. He was in tears.
  4. Lord asked him to seek a boon.

  5. But he rufused saying that he had attained salvation just by having his sight. Still, lord said that his appearance never goes in vain,” so, I will be your son who will live a long life.” Granting this boon, the lord had disappeared.
  6. Later when Mrikandu got married after 10 months, he was blessed with a extremely beautiful baby. The baby in fact had incorporated the radiance of the lord. Mrikandu had carried out all the necessary rituals and consecrations. After fifth year he had started education in vedas. This developed all the pios virtues in him, he was named Markandeya.
  7. After Finishing Education, sage Markandeya had started a severe penance to please lord Vishnu.
  8. Pleased by his penance, Lord Vishnu had blessed him with a boon of creating Purana Samhita. This is the reason why the sage Markandeya is also known as Narayan.
  9. Lord Vishnu did not annihilate Markandeya during the Pralay only to show him his Illusion.
  10. Markandeya had survived the pralay and passed that time floating on a Banayan Leaf.
  11. As long as the Lord slept, Markandeya kept floating on that leaf.
  12. At the end of the night, when the inundating Pralay receded and the Lord awakened from the prolonged sleep.
  13. Lord had began the work of creation again.
  14. It was even more amazing for Markandeya to see the inundating water recede and new creation taking place.
  15. He was so full of gratitude, prayed, pleased by him, lord appeared.
  16. Lord said that he always protects his devotees even during the most severe crises.
  17. Markandeya then asked about the appearance of the true devotees of the lord.

  18. Lord replies” the greatest devotees are thise who do not harm others with their mind, words and actions and who are free from envy.”

  19. Those who have impartial view are best among the devotees.

  20.  Native who protect the human beings, cows, brahmins, vegetation and remain engrossed in discussion of Lord’s Virtues.

  21. And salute the garden of basil and put the earth from basil’s roots on their heads, thise who are beloved to Lord Shiva, put Tripund on their forehead and worship Him. Performing Yagyas facing south.

  22. Those who always donate water and cereals, cows and daughters are the excellent among all the devotees.

  23. O great sage! These are some of the characteristics of a true devotee. Said Vishu to Markandeya.

  24. Anyone who Cherishes these characteristics will attain Salvation in the last.

  25. By saying this lord disappeared,
  26. Markandeya thereafter led a pious life and observed penance and in the last he too attained to the supreme abode of the Lord

so this is explanation Vishnu had given to Markandeya for the question. who is the greatest and true, what are their characteristics, as said by lord with the help of this qualities, one can attain salvation from the cycle of birth and death.

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