Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology?

Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology?

There are 9 main Planets in Vedic Astrology, let’s know in this post who are they? how they look like and more?


planet sun in the sky
  1. SUN IS Son of Rishi Kashyab (he is Saptarishi, 7 sages of Universe)

  2. He’s famous children are Yam, Yami, Saturn and Ashwini Kumars.

    sun on his vehicle with 7 horses
  3. Has curly hairs, sharp mind, prominent appearance, majestic voice, and he is not very tall.
  4. Eyes are honey-coloured.
  5. Courageous, steady and of a complexion which is mix of red and green.
  6. Bilious and has very sturdy bones.
  7. Great and majestic.
  8. Has fiery rays and square body, and wears saffron coloured apparels.
  9. Reddish clouds around his head.
  10. In Conclusion,

    He is significator of father, soul, government, fame, confidence, ego, pride, courage,

  11. wheat, copper, bones in the body(vitamin D comes ),

  12. Ruby Gemstone (Manikya) etc.

  13. Predominance of Satwa Guna.
  14. He is said not to live in one place for long, if native has Sun in first house similar results will be seen like,
  15. native may work where there is lot traveling.


Moon (Chandra)

planet moon in the sky
  1. Planet Moon is a Man in reality, but in the Vedic astrology we regard him as feminine.

  2. moon chandra rising in the sky
                            in his chariot

    It is said that Moon has 27 wives, which are 27 nakshatras.

  3. Moon stays in 1 nakshatra for around one day.
  4. It is said in scriptures that Moon use to love his wife Rohini more than anyone and use to only stay with him.
  5. when He’s father in law came to know about this,he cursed him to die, but after he’s loved  called Mahadev with the help of MahaMritunjaya Mantra.
  6. Mahadev wore him in his head from that day. Moon apologise to Mahadev and accepts his fault, from that day Moon keeps on waning and waxing, and changes nakshatra in about every one day.
  7. In Vedic Astrology we say, she has an auspicious appearance and has a beautiful eyes.
  8. Mellifluous voice and is fair in complexion.
  9.  Youthful, tall, curly and short hairs.
  10.  is soft, learned, satwik disposition, beautiful, phlegmatic, amicable to friends, kind, flickleminded, very fortunate and lustful.
  11. wears clean apparels.
  12. Has cold body.
  13. In Conclusion,

    Moon is Significator (karaka) of Mother, Nourishment,

  14. Emotions, Rice, Milk, Silver, Pearl Gemstone (Muthu),

  15. changes, travel, beauty, Imaginations,

  16. Water, watery places and products, Ladies etc.



planet mars in the sky

  1. Mars is Shivansh, he was born from the sweat drop of Mahadev.

  2. There is a great story about how Mangal had actually fought against
    mars on his vehicle

    Mahadev, but later at the end he had realised his mistake and had become good, Mahadev had given him placed in the 9 planets.

  3. for instance, If you want to know this story let me know in the comments below I’ll make a separate post.
  4. He is Short in height, youthful, energetic and restless.
  5. in addition, eyes are reddish brown in color, he has a very strong body.
  6. Is as bright as burning fire.
  7. wears red coloured apparels.
  8. is intelligent, courageous and accomplished speaker.
  9. Causes Injury, has short and shining hair.
  10. Bilious in disposition and is Tamasic. He is red blood in appearance.
  11. Adventurous and wrathful, and skillful in hurting.
  12.  slender waist.
  13. In Conclusion,

    Mars is Significator of army head, younger brothers, darkness,  forts, passion, anger, fighting spirit, violence, accidents,

  14. in addition, goals to achieve, strength, valour, courage,

  15. heat, pita, Arrogant, Coral Gemstone (Munga), accidental fire,

  16. Similarly, Engineer, Military, Police and husband (secondary).



planet mercury in the sky
  1. In the scripture it is said that Mercury is son of Moon and Jupiter’s wife, Moon had cheated her with Jupiter’s appearance.

  2. mercury on his vehicle
    Mercury (Budh) – The Prince

    That’s why we take Moon as Mercury ‘s mother.

  3. He has reddish and broad eyes.
  4. Speaks sweetly, He’s complexion is grass green.
  5. Has strong skin, he is extremely Rajasic planet.
  6. Clear in his speech and is pure.
  7. Mixture of three humour, that is phlegm, bile and wind.
  8. Agreeable to everyone in speech and wears green robes.
  9. Learned, Intelligent, Vaisya ( Business Merchant Community).
  10. Young and Prince of 9 planets, he is a great mathematician.
  11. adulterous and does not possess firm valour.
  12. In Conclusion, Mercury is Significantor of Green color, Drawing, Fine Arts, Maternal Grandmother, friendship,

  13. In Addition, Rajasic disposition, Skin, Analytical thinking, maths,

  14. Emerald Gemstone (Panna), Intelligence, teacher, coding, Green color vegetables (spinach, coriander etc), green beans, Wittiness,

  15. Above all, Thinking about two thinks at the same time,

  16. After that, Entrepreneur, Business, Running multiple Businesses, Communication, speech etc.


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