What is Astrology ?

What is Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is the oldest one out here in the world and then comes Greek astrology, which now a days people call it western astrology.



What is Astrology ?

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is so powerful that we can predict anything with the help of it like how will be person’s nature. What he/she thinks in his mind,

What are the possible events that can happen in person’s life good or bad. Knowing about business, marriage, children and Financial condition etc.

But the main question is from where this knowledge came from?. About this i am going to give my thoughts today from best of my knowledge,

Right now if anyone knows Vedic astrology or learning then. He/she would know that Brihat Parashar Hora Shashtra is like bible or Bhagavat Gita of Vedic astrology, It is the most ideal.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra was written by or told to write for him, by

Maharishi Parashara

Parashara Rishi

He is regarded as one of the greatest sages in the Vedic astrology world. In the scriptures, It’s written that Lord Brahma who is one of the god in Trinity ( Brahma Vishnu Shiva ) had given this knowledge,

To some person and this person had given the knowledge to Maharishi Parashara,

So Parashara published the ideal scriptures for us although the Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra.

Which we are having currently i don’t think it’s the full version of it some parts have been hidden or lost through the year,

By the way  Brahma giving this knowledge had happened in the Sat Yuga which was first yuga ( yuga means time period ) there are total


1) Sat Yuga    2) Treta Yuga   3) Dwapara Yuga   4) Kal Yuga , currently we are going through kal yuga which is ruled by planet Rahu and let me tell you each yuga consist of 4 and half something lakh years,

Even Lord Krishna has mention this in Bhagavat Gita. So from this you can imagine how old this knowledge is which is coming from Sat Yuga and currently

Kal Yuga has just started it is said that evil will rise in this time cycle. So let me tell you it is just the beginning though  from 2015 i am seeing dharma is rising. People are being spiritual, I think it will last for few years.

But there was another Sage at the beginning of the time, in Sat Yuga, Who knew Astrology,  name is Bhrigu Rishi ( rishi means sage )

Bhrigu Rishi

Bhrigu Rishi

He is one of 7 Sage of universe (Saptarishis). How much i know he use to predict from nakshatras, main focus use to be on Nakshatras,

Right now there are books available called bhrigu sutras and nadi etc of Bhrigu Rishi.

In the Sat Yuga he had even predicted or had got an idea that Mahadev and Sati’s marriage won’t be lasting,

For instance, He had predicted this from the nakshatra of Sati, obviously no one can do prediction on Mahadev. He is beyond everything. Plus Sati had born as human Reincarnation of Adi Shakti to marry Shiva and complete each other.

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Parashara Rishi is considered as father of astrology. But according to me i would consider Bhrigu Rishi as Father of Astrology anyway it doesn’t matter. Even Parashara Rishi did great job and Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra scripture is considered as most ideal text for vedic astrology in the world.


Astrology should be the thing which can help us to go even closer to divine the God. This is the true meaning of astrology. There are many things with the help of astrology. We can know about it beforehand. So we can benefit from this and avoid evil. Which is going to happen and be aware of it.

Above all, All Human Being’s only goal of life is to go even more closer to the god. Do good karma and follow the right dharma, that’s why after we die heaven and hell both options are available to go.

Now if you are a Vedic Astrology learner Brihat Parashara Hora is a must to read. so no one will give you this scripture for free. But i’m giving you here, you can download the scripture PDF from below.


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