Vishakha Nakshatra

All you need to know about Vishakha Nakshatra, 16th Lunar Mansion of Moon

1. Vishakha Nakshatra  degree is between 20 degree 00′ Libra to 3 degree 20′ Scorpio.

2.  Symbol is Archway, potter’s wheel.

3. Ruling Planet is Jupiter.

Jupiter Brihaspati God
  • Nature is Rakshasa (Demon like).

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow dharma (righteous activity).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is male Tiger.


6. In addition, After that, Direction is East.

7. In addition, Sounds are thee, thoo, they, tho.

8. In addition, Qualities are Tamas/Satwa/Rajas And it is Misra (Sharp and Soft).

9. In addition, Deity is Indragni.

Deity Indra and Agni

10. In addition, Bird connected with this nakshatra is Red Tail Hawk.

11. In addition, Tree connected with this nakshatra is Wood Apple.

12. In addition, caste is Mleccha (Outcaste).

16th Lunar Mansion – Vishakha Nakshatra

16th Lunar Mansion of moon is Vishakha nakshatra, it is star of purpose. Major part of the nakshatra is in Libra and it end towards Scorpio sign. This nakshatra is also known as the forked or two branched, as in one thing which is dividing into two categories, dual nature. Sometimes it is also shown as one tree which has many branches and giving security to others. Other meaning of it can be that one will grow stronger than ever and will become capable of giving security. Importantly it is also known as Radha the delightful or success. So devotees Shri Krishna May have this nakshatra in their chart. Alternative symbolism of Vishakha nakshatra is archway or triumphal gateway represented with leaves and potter’s wheel.

Deity – Indragni

The Presiding Deity is of this nakshatra are King of Gods Indra and God of fire Agni which together call them as Indragni. Together they represent the energy, strength and potential power of this nakshatra. Planet Jupiter is the ruling planet of this nakshatra which indicates enthusiasm, faith, optimism, & hope for future. It encourages individual to achieve and thrive for power and many kind of achievement and fruits of it (vyapani shakti).

This nakshatra specially helps in getting the results of the hard work like how farmer plots the plants and later gets fruits of it. Another alternative image of Vishakha shows potter patiently making pot. So basically this nakshatra blesses individuals with qualities like patience, persistence and determination to achieve any goal. This folks are very courageous out there who get the taste of success in their second half of life.

Dark Side

The dark of Vishakha nakshatra is being aggressive, dictatorial character. This folks win the battle, but lose the big war by pushing their strategy too strongly. A big quarrelsome personality can also come out of this. Native may have issues like extreme anger & frustration. Ample of ambitions. Natives can also be envy or covetous of the success of the others. This folks miss the social networking of friends and feel like they are isolated and against the world. Moon is debilitated in the last pada of this nakshatra in scorpio zodiac sign. Vishakha has strong sexual appetite and Rakshasa demon like Temperament.

Issues with romantic relationship and infidelity is seen. While in early marriage problems like betrayal and disappointment is seen. It represents the story of radha’s love affair with shri krishna. Krishna Désirés selfless love from his devotees. Success is relationship is not experienced also later in life. Vishakha does give immediate results but with profits and gains with time.

In a conclusion, this are some of the details of vishakha nakshatra, if you don’t know what are your nakshatras or moon sign, make sure to mail us at checkout our other posts too.

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