Virgo Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born under Virgo Rising, this post is for you,

Virgo people are known to be very analytical and intelligent persons with a pinch of kindness, Definitely has some prarabt karma which has to be reveal in this life, since now naural 6th house is in the first house of yourself,

Kanya Lagna

Planet Mercury is Lord of this Zodiac sign

Kanya Ascendant

  • Truthful

  • Speaks Kindly

  • Eyes will be Full of Bashfulness

  • People immediately like them

  • One will be well versed in Shashtras, Scriptures.

  • Takes advantage of other people’s houses and wealth.

  • Arms and Shoulders will be Drooped.

  • Has very Sweet Speech

  • Bright Personal Appearance.

  • Has long legs and arms.

  • One is of a mixed Temperament.

  • Excellent beauty.

  • Receives wounds

  • Rich

  • Niggard

  • Attached to his staff.

  • Has more daughters.

  • In a bad term with his brothers and sisters.

  • Inclined towards deeds of virtue

  • Skilled in work

in conclusion, So this are some of the characteristics of people born under virgo zodiac sign, if you don’t know where your moon is placed or what is your rising sign? please make sure to reached we’ll surely help you with that.

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