Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

All you need to know about Uttara Ashadha, 21th Lunar Mansion of Moon

1. Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra  degree is between 26 degree 40′ Sagittarius to 10 degree 00′ Capricorn.

2. Symbol of this nakshatra is Elephant’s tusk, the planks of a bed.

3. Ruling Planet is Sun.

Sun (Surya)
  • Nature is Manushya (human like).

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Moksha (Spiritual Liberation path).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is Male Mongoose.

 6. In addition, After that, Direction is South.

7. In addition, Sounds are Bay, Bo, Jaa, Jee.

8. In addition, Qualities are Sattwa/Rajas/Sattwa and it is Dhruva (Fixed type).

9. In addition, Deity is the Ten Vishwadevas.

Vishwa Deva’s 10

10. In addition, Bird connected with this nakshatra is Stork.

11. In addition, Tree connected with this nakshatra is Jackfruit.

12. In addition, caste is kshatriya (warrior).

21st Lunar Mansion – Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

21st lunar mansion of Moon is Uttara Ashadha nakshatra. First pada of it is situated in saggitarius remaining in capricorn sign. This nakshatra’s Planetary ruler is Sun (Surya Dev). It is symbolized with elephant’s tusk, it shows lord Ganesha’s blessings. Alternative symbol is planks of a bed, it states getting rest and peace. similarly, It is also called universal star, it indicates person with highly humanitarian nature and equality among everyone. Abraham Lincoln was born when moon was in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra.

Deity – 10 Vishvadevas

Presiding deity of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra is 10 Vishvadevas of the universe. They are the sons of the god dharma. They are lord Vasu (goodness), Lord Satya (truth), lord kratra (will power), lord Daksh (ritual skills), lord Kala (Time), lord Kama (desire), lord Dhriti (forbearance), lord Kuru (ancestors), lord Pururavas (abundance), and lord Madrava (Joy). Together this deity’s grants unchallengeable victory (apradharisya shakti). for instance,  Primary Motivation of this nakshatra is Moksha (Spiritual Liberation). This people love to look for and know Spiritual guidance and stories.

Ruling Planet – Sun (Surya)

Compare to Purva Ashadha, this folks are more stable and less aggressive, good visionary. This people working in any subject, they like to go deep into subject and it’s wisdom. This people are normally blessed with great deal of wealth. for instance, Ability to lead and leadership quality and art of understanding people helps them to be good politicians. This folks have a good persistence power they put in, any work they do. forinstance,Uttara Ashadha grants the god like power. It blesses with top notch power, support and recognition with making suitable connections and gods blessings. Native are normally very idealistic with big goals to achieve. Their victory is dependent on the situations which is good for all.

Dark Side

The dark side of Uttara Ashadha can happen is a very busy and active native or completely lazy. Whenever they are working on any subject, they need to put their full concentration in. Sometimes after starting some new work, they may fail to cope up with it. Self centered stubborn personality can also come out of this.

Capricorn Side

Capricorn side of this nakshatra can result in loneliness or a melancholy nature, when saturn is poorly placed. Uttara Ashadha translates to the later unconquerable or later victory so this people get victory later in life, and some losses at early life. After battling earlier in life, this people get the taste of patience. In addition, Animal symbolism of this nakshatra is male mangoose. This is the only nakshatra which doesn’t have its animal nakshatra pair, so this people have hard time in marriage and stay with them. Sexual incompatible and problems at early marriage is outcome.

In a conclusion, this are some of the details of uttara ashadha nakshatra, above all, if you don’t know where in which nakshatra your planets are make sure to mail us at nfuture@mail.com . checkout our other blogs too!

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