taurus ascendant

Taurus Rising / Ascendant

What will be the result of Taurus rising when you were born,

Venus is lord of Taurus sign.

Means Taurus is your ascendant / lagna / Rising or in the first house.

taurus ascendant
vrishabh lagna

This will be the results

  • Native will have big face and plumply thighs.

  • Would love to participate in agricultural ventures.

  • Would be particularly happy in middle and last portion of the life.

  • He will be fond of enjoying young women.

  • One will be sacrificing and forgiving in nature.

  • Will be capable of endowing hardships and possess cattle.

  • Could have marks or moles on the back, face and sides.

  • One will have large lips, cheek, nose and forehead.

  • Native will be of phlegmatic and windy temperament.

  • Liberal in gifts

  • Spendthrift

  • Fond of work

  • Earn much wealth

  • Fond of his wife



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