What triggered Coronavirus epidemic in the world Astrologically explained.

What triggered this epidemic Coronavirus according to transits in vedic astrology. why coronavirus spread and expanded so much globally? Whenever Rahu and ketu transit in Gemini and Sagittarius big events happen because it one of the most powerful placement of them in all zodiac signs, last time they were here 18 years back transiting and […]


Know according to birth date you’re prone to which disease?

If you’re born on date 4 or 13 of any month you’re mulank would be 4 since 1 + 3 = 4. accordingly, Checkout below which health problems disease you can get? Mulank 1 If you’re born on 1, 10, 19, 28 date of any month then For instance, You’re prone to getting heart disease, […]


Career interests according to Birth Months

Below checkout the paragraphs according to your birth months,  Birth Months saying about  career.   Check out by your birth months. January This month is related to planet Sun  and Saturn . Normally people born in this month are happy to go persons. Most of the time they are happy and not often they get […]


March Monthly Horoscope

Moon signs. Checkout this monthly prediction according to your Moon sign. Aries ♈️ In this month, sun and mercury are transiting in your 11th house which indicates that relationship with your life partner will be vibrant. Family responsibilities will increase. Work load too. On 6th and 7th march due to moon’s placement in 4th house, […]


Results of planet Sun 🌞 in all Signs in birth chart

What are the results of Sun being in all zodiac sign in your birth chart? The Sun 🌞   In Aries ♈️ – For instance, Person could be active, intelligent 🧠, famous, traveller 🧳, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful. in addition, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering, and initiative. In Taurus ♉️ – For […]


2020 Numerology Predictions, according to your Mulank (birth date)

2020 Numerology Let’s find out how your year  will be according to  your birth date of any month. Mulank 1 – 2020 Numerology If you’re born on 1, 10, 19 date of any month then you’re mulank is 1. 2020 Numerology for mulank 1 goes like this. Mulank 1 is ruled by planet Sun 🌞. […]


Things to be careful with in 2020 for all Zodiac signs ( Vedic Astrology)

Vedic astrology – Prediction for Zodiac Signs about things to be careful in year 2020   Aries ♈️ (Check according to vedic chart) Vedic Astrology says, In 2020, natives of Moon 🌝 in Aries ♈️zodiac sign, In this entire year you don’t have any period of saturn 🪐’s dhayya or sadesati. For instance, You should […]


How are Friday born people like?

Prediction about Friday born people ?   Full Blog about traits about natives born on Friday (Prediction) Prediction about Friday born people at any time of the years and in any part of world. Checkout their general traits and more  facts about them or find out more about yourself 😉 . General Personality traits for […]


Prediction about Wednesday born people ?

Full Blog about natives born on Wednesday (Prediction) Prediction about Wednesday born people at any time of the years and in any part of world. Checkout their general traits and more  facts about them or find out more about yourself 😉 .   General Traits People born on wednesday have structure like part above nose […]


Jupiter Transit Predictions for all Moon signs

Jupiter Transit This blog is about Jupiter transit for all Moon signs, it will transit from 5th November 2019 to 30th November 2020 in Sagittarius. Prediction for Jupiter transit in sagittarius for all Zodiac signs, you should check this blog from your moon sign. Aries ♈️  ( Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius ) If you’re Moon […]


November Predictions for all Zodiac Signs

InThis blog is about general life predictions for November month for all vedic astrological moon signs. Checkout your monthly november predictions according to your moon sign. Aries ♈️ November Predictions There will be rise and change of place is possible, However, it is very favorable time to start new venture, old works will take good […]

How are Pisces ♓️ peoplelike?

How are Pisces ♓️ people like?

-pisces moonHow are Pisces ♓️ people like? Moon in Pisces People Nature, Temperament and characteristics Moon 🌝 in pisces are very faithful, Religious, great believe in god, spirituality. For instance, This people are lot of trust and belief in wisdom. They are spiritually very active. For instance, From the mind set point of view, they […]


How are Capricorn ♑️ people like?

Capricorn How are Capricorn ♑️ people like? Moon in Sagittarius People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. This people are very ambitious and have a very unique vision, very creative and active. For instance, This folks are bit selfish. They don’t take until their all work is completed. For instance, They are very hard working, very laborious […]