Swati Nakshatra

All you need to know about Swati Nakshatra, 15th Lunar Mansion of Moon 1. Swati Nakshatra  degree is between 6 degree 40′ to 20 degree 00′ Libra. 2.  Symbol is Coral. 3. Ruling Planet is Rahu. Nature is Deva (God like). 4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Artha (material Prosperity). 5. In addition, Animal […]

Know What do you think? According to Moon signs

Moon in All Zodiac Signs   In Vedic Astrology Moon is the signifactor of mind and emotions etc, so whenever we want to know about mind and general behaviour  we see moon sign, moon is considered as one of the most important planet in vedic astrology, it is said that some bad yoga related to […]

Jupiter Transit in Scorpio and Results for all Zodiac Signs

Jupiter Transit in Scorpio From October 2018. gochar JUPITER TRANSIT Transiting through Scorpio from 11th October 2018. Which is in friend Mars’s Sign and Jupiter is going to be here, in this sign for about 1 year, Jupiter moved here from Libra is ruled by Venus which is a enemy, Last year was not that great […]