Result of Sun in All Nakshatra Keyword

What Qualities Sun gives a person, When is in certain Nakshatra. For instance, Sun is significator of soul, self-confidence and ego in vedic astrology, In other words, what different result it gives in various nakshatras keywords. 1. Sun in Ashwini Keywords for instance, Fame, Desire for power. After that, Authority positions, Leadership. Militant, Aggressive, Excellent […]


Cancer Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born at the time when in the sky cancer sign was rising then this post is for you If you don’t know what sign was rising when you were born please do contact us, caner rising normally are more emotional than others. Planet Moon is lord of Cancer Zodiac Sign Cancer Rising This […]


How Vedic Astrology is different from Western Astrology?

Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology, Which is Better? For instance, Vedic astrolody is known to give very precise prediction, and many people use it all over the world. Western astrology gives importance to Sun sign while Vedic astrology gives more importance to Moon sign Vedic Astrology Goes Way Back ! Further Than Western Astrology! Vedic […]

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