Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

All you need to know about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, 11th Lunar Mansion of Moon 1. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra  degree is between 13 degree 20′ to 26 degree 26′ Leo. 2.  Symbol – Two front legs of a bed, couch, Swinging Hammock. 3. Ruling Planet is Venus, Nature is Manushya (human). 4. In addition,Primary Motivation is […]


Magha Nakshatra

All you need to know about Magha Nakshatra, 10th Lunar Mansion of Moon 1. Magha Nakshatra  degree is between 0 degree 00′ to 13 degree 20′ Leo. 2.  Symbol – Palanquin. 3. Ruling Planet is Ketu, Nature is Rakshasa (Demon). 4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Artha (material Prosperity). 5. In addition, Animal Symbol […]


Leo Ascendant Characteristic

If you’re born when leo sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you For the people who are born under leo rising, the natural 5th house sign is coming to your first house on your head, this shows that, one has great inclination towards creativity and in administrative field, this people are […]

Know What do you think? According to Moon signs

Moon in All Zodiac Signs   In Vedic Astrology Moon is the signifactor of mind and emotions etc, so whenever we want to know about mind and general behaviour  we see moon sign, moon is considered as one of the most important planet in vedic astrology, it is said that some bad yoga related to […]