Moon signs predictions in birth chart

  Moon signs of any persons are most important from mind perspective. How a Person’s personality and traits would be like according to their birth moon signs. Zodiac Signs Moon in Aries Aries Moon people would have round eyes, would be impulsive, fond of travel, irritable, For instance. is fond of women, keeps vegetable diet, […]


Career interests according to Birth Months

Below checkout the paragraphs according to your birth months,  Birth Months saying about  career.   Check out by your birth months. January This month is related to planet Sun  and Saturn . Normally people born in this month are happy to go persons. Most of the time they are happy and not often they get […]


Career Interests according to Nakshatra

Which Nakshatra drives to which Career Interests? Let’s find out in this blog, which interest intrigues you according to certain Nakshatra you have on your charts. 1. Ashwini Career Interests For instance, Military Personnel, Police, Criminal courts. Physicians, Merchants, Salespeople. Jockeys, Horse Trainer, Musicians. In addition, Therapists, Psychologists, Healers, Mystics.     2. Bharani Career […]