Mercury in all Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology

What are the Results of Planet Mercury in all zodiac signs in vedic Astrology in your birth chart? Mercury in all Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology :- Mercury is significator of Intelligence, Communication, analytical thinking, banking, statistics, friends etc, let’s find out in this blog what would be the result of planet mercury in all […]


Prediction about Wednesday born people ?

Full Blog about natives born on Wednesday (Prediction) Prediction about Wednesday born people at any time of the years and in any part of world. Checkout their general traits and more  facts about them or find out more about yourself 😉 .   General Traits People born on wednesday have structure like part above nose […]


Results of Rahu & Ketu in Houses part 2

Rahu & Ketu in different Houses Predictions Whenever Rahu will be in first house , ketu will naturally be in the seventh house. Their results are complimentary. Rahu is the giver, future. Ketu, the Taker, past who has already accomplished it, and has no interest in materialistic or worldly things. Rahu unaffiliated attracts blessings according […]


Ketu Transit in Sagittarius For all Moon sign Part-2

Ketu transit in Sagittarius preditions for all Moon Signs Ketu is Transiting in Sagittarius zodiac exactly opposite to rahu, while he is in gemini. rahu and ketu are very strong in this zodiacal axis. For instance, He is significator of Moksha ( spiritual liberation), the one who has already accomplished everything in his previous births, […]