Jupiter in all zodiac signs Vedic astrology

In vedic astrology What is the result of Jupiter ( Brihaspati Graha ) placed in all Zodiac Rashi signs in your birth chart (Jyotish) Jupiter in all Signs in vedic astrology Aries ♈️ For instance, A person born with jupiter in aries sign in the birth chart in vedic astrology would have Love of grandeur, […]


Career Interests according to Nakshatra

Which Nakshatra drives to which Career Interests? Let’s find out in this blog, which interest intrigues you according to certain Nakshatra you have on your charts. 1. Ashwini Career Interests For instance, Military Personnel, Police, Criminal courts. Physicians, Merchants, Salespeople. Jockeys, Horse Trainer, Musicians. In addition, Therapists, Psychologists, Healers, Mystics.     2. Bharani Career […]