mrigashira nakshatra

Mrigashira Nakshatra

All you need to know about Mrigashira Constellation, 5th Lunar Mansion of Moon 1. Mrigashira Nakshatra’s degree is between 23 degree 20′ Taurus to 6 degree 40′ Gemini. 2. It’s Symbol is Antelope’s head. 3. Ruling Planet is Mars, Nature is Deva (god/like). 4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Moksha (Spiritual Liberation). 5. In addition, […]


Aquarius Rising People Characteristics

If you were born when aquarius sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you In this scenario, the natural 11th house Zodiac Sign aquarius comes to first house on the head, this indicates that one could have thought of financial gains always in their mind, or any kind of desire, gains could […]

sagittarius lagna

Sagittarius Ascendant People

If you were born when sagittarius sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you. In this scenario, the natural 9th zodiac sign sagittarius is coming to your head that is on your 1st house, this indicates that one is naturally lucky person and always easily finds his/her destiny, one has room for […]

libra ascendant

Libra Ascendant Characteristics

You were born when Libra sign was Rising in the Sky, this post is for you Libra Ascendant people known to be beautiful, because for obvious reason, it is ruled by planet venus, this people would love beautification, luxury items and masses peoples. here in this case the natural 7th house is coming on to […]


Virgo Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born under Virgo Rising, this post is for you, Virgo people are known to be very analytical and intelligent persons with a pinch of kindness, Definitely has some prarabt karma which has to be reveal in this life, since now naural 6th house is in the first house of yourself, Planet Mercury is […]


Leo Ascendant Characteristic

If you’re born when leo sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you For the people who are born under leo rising, the natural 5th house sign is coming to your first house on your head, this shows that, one has great inclination towards creativity and in administrative field, this people are […]


Cancer Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born at the time when in the sky cancer sign was rising then this post is for you If you don’t know what sign was rising when you were born please do contact us, caner rising normally are more emotional than others. Planet Moon is lord of Cancer Zodiac Sign Cancer Rising This […]


Gemini Ascendant People Characteristics

If you’re born on Gemini Rising then this post is for you Planet Mercury is Lord of Gemini Zodiac Sign Generally have black eyes and curly hairs. Enjoys association with women. Has big friends circle and thick neck. One is extremely Intelligent and has ability to read others mind. Nose could be elevated. Fond of […]

taurus ascendant

Taurus Rising / Ascendant

What will be the result of Taurus rising when you were born, Venus is lord of Taurus sign. Means Taurus is your ascendant / lagna / Rising or in the first house. This will be the results Native will have big face and plumply thighs. Would love to participate in agricultural ventures. Would be particularly […]


Aries Rising and Lagna

 Aries Ascendant Characteristics ? aries 1st House, Importance of Rising sign Basically it is your first house in a horoscope, as you know there are 12 houses in vedic astrology. first house also represents our head since it is first part of our body Even though Lagna is one of the very important thing to […]

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