All you need to know about Shravana, 22th Lunar Mansion of Moon

1. Shravana Nakshatra  degree is between 10 degree 00′ to 23 degree 20′ Capricorn.

2. Symbol of this nakshatra is an Ear, three footprints.

3. Ruling Planet is Moon.

Moon (Chandra)

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Artha (material Prosperity).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is Female monkey.

 6. In addition, After that, Direction is North.

7. In addition, Sounds are Ju, Jay, Jo, Gha.

8. In addition, Qualities are Sattwa/Tamas/Rajas and it is Chara (Moveable).

9. In addition, Deity is the Vishnu, Devi Saraswati.

Lord Vishnu

10. In addition, Bird connected with this nakshatra is Sarus Crane.

11. In addition, Tree connected with this nakshatra is Milk Weed.

12. In addition, caste is Mleccha (Outcaste).

22th Lunar Mansion of Moon

22th Lunar mansion of Moon is Shravana Nakshatra. One of TriGod – Lord Vishnu preserver of the universe is deity of this nakshatra. Lord shows the real truth in the life of the natives, staying awake from illusion. Main power which this Constellation grants is that power of connections (samhanana shakti). for instance, They can get people get along through connecting to their true destination. Planetary ruler of this nakshatra is Moon, and whole nakshatra is situated inside Zodiac of capricorn. similarly, It is often also called as star of learning, it is also connected with the goddess of wisdom Ma Saraswati. above all, She is one who blesses with Wisdom, education, speech, voice , art, music & eloquence to humanity.

Deity – Lord Vishnu

For Instance, Word Shravana is founded from the Sanskrit verb sru it means to hear and symbol of this nakshatra is Ear. It shows ability to hear the subtle etheric realms. In addition, The Divine and cosmic sounds like Krishna’s flute, universe and Planets sound Om, Drum Naad, Bell, can be audible to the Shravana nakshatra person’s. It rules how one can communicate with the divine knowledge staying away from material world. The main theme of this nakshatra is to hear (shruti) vibrations and sound of the words. The veda and vedanga are manifestation in which knowledge produced under this nakshatra. Famous dr david frawley was born when moon was in Shravana Nakshatra. It is associated with pipal tree similarly Gautama Buddha himself got enlightened and reached the divine while doing meditation, and listening to his inner voice.

Planetary Ruler – Moon

Shravana nakshatra indicates the worship and devotion to humanity. A very kind hearted and charitable person is the result. Fame and Name is most of the time, the fruits one consumes Almost everyone. One is interested and good at writing and teaching something. Native are fast moving, and hard working , dedicated to knowing truth in all fields. Normally, they like to travel to new places, it is often seen one may go to foreign land live and study there. Native through life keeps learning and studying no matter what is the age. For instance one may have big study table or study place, library room at home etc. they require their space and time with himself hence to spend with. forthermore, Slogan of this natives can be seclusion is the price of greatness.

Dark Side

The dark side of Shravana nakshatra is that native can be of very rigid or obstinate temper. It is since the energy of capricorn sign of saturn is also there throughout this nakshatra. Due to issues with jealousy, one may have large numbers of enemies. Also, further one is interested in listening to others talks and gossips. rather, They are very sensitive people and are easily hurt by others opinions. In addition, also go through disillusion by traveling world of illusion. people go for financial backing first, Similarly, once they Achieve it, hence, moved forward to gaining Spiritual enlightenment and divine hearing. Normally one gets rich and wealthy by half life. likewise, Shravana also translates to being lame or not able to walk properly, they become better with time and life experiences. for instance,One goes through feeling of inferiority and as a result defeats it with time.

In a conclusion, this are some of the details of shravana nakshatra, above all if you don’t know where your Moon is placed? or what are your nakshatras (constellations), make sure to mail us at checkout our other posts too!

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