Scorpio Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born when Scorpio sign was rising in the sky then this post is for you,

in this scenario, the natural 8th house scorpio sign is coming on to your head, which is 1st house, here we can see that one may get disease, mysterious person, interested in occult and tantra things, very sexual, Sudden events happens in their life very often, Transformation, very secretive and may get jealousy too.

Planet Mars is lord of Zodiac sign Scorpio

Vrishik Lagna

Scorpio Rising

  • One has Rounded thighs and knees.

  • Broad chest and Expansive eyes.

  • Suffer diseases from an early age.

  • Separated from his parents and preceptor.

  • Indulges in cruel actions.

  • Honoured by the Government.

  • One may have marks of lotus.

  • Broad face and a long belly.

  • One has harsh nature and of a bilious Temperament.

  • Brown Eyes.

  • Native is slow and of quick pace.

  • One is master over others.

  • Protects their large family.

  • Hated by people working under government.

  • Spends much

  • Has many children

  • Does not live in comfort

  • Has no Enemies

  • Loses their virtue

  • Protects Oxen

  • Falls into bad temper on account of their spouse

  • Yields nothing to their Enemies

  • Has their own people working against enemy.

  • Suffers from numerous diseases.

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