Saturn in all houses in vedic astrology

What are the results of Saturn in all houses in vedic astrology in your birth chart?

Saturn in all houses in Vedic Astrology :-

Saturn is significator of obstacles, fruits of our karma, delays, blue sapphire, old age etc, let find out in this blog what are the results of saturn when its situated in different houses in your birth chart.

1st house

For instance, Results of saturn for native in the birth it is situated in 1st house – Foreign customs and habits, perverted mind, bad thoughts, evil natured, tyrannical, unscrupulous, well built thighs, strong minded, cunning, thrifty, unclean, passionate, aspiring, curious, deformed, sickly, exploring, flatulence, licentious, addicted to low class women.


2nd house

For instance, More than one marriage, diseased face, unpopular, broken education, weak sight, unsocial, harsh speech, stammering, addicted to wine.


3rd house

For instance, Intelligent 🧠, wealthy, wicked, loss of brothers, polite, adventurous, bold, eccentric, cruel, courageous, obliging, agriculturist.


4th house

For instance, Danger to mother if with the moon, unhappy, sudden losses, colic pains, narrow minded, crafty, estates encumbered, good thinker, success in foreign countries, political disfavor, licentious, interrupted education.


5th house

For instance, Narrow minded, mediocre life, no children, perverted views, tale teller, government displeasure, troubled life, clear minded.


6th house

For instance, Obstinate, sickly, deaf, few children, quarrelsome, sex diseases, clever, active, indebted.


7th house

For instance, More than one wife, enterprising sickly, colic pains, deafness, diplomatic, stable marriage, ambitious, political success, travelling, dissimulator, foreign honours, deputation.


8th house

For instance, Seeking disappointments, big belly, few issues, corpulent, inclined to drinking, friendship with women of other castes, colic pains, defeat in sight, seductive, clever, well informed, impious, danger by poisons, asthma, consumption,etc. If with malefics dishonest, ungrateful children, cruel, long life.


9th house

For instance, Legal success, founder of charitable institutions, very miserly, thrifty in domestic life, scientific, irreligious, logical, ceremonial minded, unfilial.


10th house

For instance, Visits to sacred rivers and shrines , great worker, bilious, good farmer, sudden elevations and depressions, residence in foreign countries uncertain, later on in life ascetic.


11th house

For instance, Learned, feared and respected, very wealthy, much landed property, broken education, conveyances, political success, influential, political respect.


12th house

For instance, Deformed, squint eyes, losses in trade, learned in occult science, poor, spendthrift, many enemies, dexterous, unpopular, attracted towards yoga in later life.


In a Conclusion this is the result of Mercury in all houses.

Similarly, ( vedic astrology – Above all, check the predictions with your moon signs). Hope this blog help everyone to understand the what are the results of Saturn in all houses in vedic astrology.

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