sagittarius lagna

Sagittarius Ascendant People

If you were born when sagittarius sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you.

In this scenario, the natural 9th zodiac sign sagittarius is coming to your head that is on your 1st house, this indicates that one is naturally lucky person and always easily finds his/her destiny, one has room for dharma/guru/spiritually in his/her mind.

sagittarius lagna
                                                                                          Dhanu Lagna

Planet Jupiter is lord of Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Rising

  • Long face and neck.

  • One has Big nose and ears.

  • Always engaged in some work or the other.

  • Native is Eloquent in Speech and Self Sacrificing.

  • Short Stature.

  • Is Courageous and overcomes their enemies.

  • Wealthy

  • Favourite person of the Government.

  • Can be won over by persuation and kindness.

  • Has large lips, teeth, and nose.

  • Phlegmatic and Windy Temperament.

  • Fleshy Thighs, organs and arms.

  • Defective nails.

  • Skilled in Work

  • Bold in Flight.

  • Sometimes Deprived of their own property by thieves or government.

  • Learned and expert in laws.

  • Respected by many people.

  • Gives troubles to their brothers.

  • Works in foreign lands.

  • Liked by the Government.

  • Indifferent to deeds of virtue.

  • Quarrels with spouse.

In conclusion, so this are general traits of people born under sagittarius rising, please do checkout our other posts too, do like and share , thank you and stay blessed in 2019. above all, if you don’t know what is your rising sign? and your birth chart please make sure to mail at

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