Results of Rahu & Ketu in Houses part 2

Rahu & Ketu in different Houses Predictions

Whenever Rahu will be in first house 🏠, ketu will naturally be in the seventh house. 
Their results are complimentary.

Rahu is the giver, future. Ketu, the Taker, past who has already accomplished it, and has no interest in materialistic or worldly 🌎 things. Rahu unaffiliated attracts blessings according to the house it occupies, while ketu robs us of coveted prizes. For Instance, Whenever ketu happens to fall natally, that area of the chart will need more effort from the person than the opposite area. In other words, Rahu and Ketu do better in 3, 6, 10, and 11th houses

Rahu/Ketu axis in 8th house 🏠

This position forces the person to learn to accept another’s financial help. Money πŸ’° is obtained through partners. Legacies are promised. Sometimes in his life, he will be forced to learn the acceptance of the humility of taking from others. Similarly, Strong πŸ’ͺ🏻 interest in the occult or hidden side of the life is noticed as a rescue from the material world 🌎. For Instance, Learning from the idea πŸ’‘ or reality of death πŸ’€ and regeneration is strongly noticed in this case. In other words, If afflicted, fear of pverty, financial losses, physical weakness according to the sign at the 8th house 🏠.

Rahu/Ketu axis in 9th house 🏠

Undeveloped position leads to, Learning lessons from mistakes. Communication is difficult. This can also indicate disregard for religion. Similarly, Work in Publication. publicity or some foreign affairs/activities in their life time due to strange coincidences. For Instance, He needs to become more objective in his interpretations within his immediate world 🌎. In other words, one has to deal with brother or sister.

Rahu/Ketu axis in 10th house 🏠

This condition often signifies stronger success in the profession or career area but the native will have a checkered career. Please follow Avocation , sometime to the point of sacrificing home 🏠 and domestic life. Similarly, This means working for or with the public in some way, and he will have less time to spend on home matters. For Instance, Public recognition and honors. Often difficulties during childhood bring about a mother/father complex to this person. They are a lot closer to their father than mother. Their first half of life not very in the enjoyable compared to the second half. In other words, When Afflicted, others contrive to bring about his downfall.

Rahu/Ketu axis in 11th house 🏠

This position often signifies that the person has considered friendship. Friends πŸ‘«, in a better position than the native, assist in time of need. Similarly, with hopes. Here they must become like an Aquariun in the highest sense of the world 🌎; a true humanitarian. For Instance, Problems and difficulties usually stem out of romances and quite often formation of a successful relationship is very difficult. There next difficulty is with regard to children. In other words, Afflictions create enmities and jealousies.

Rahu/Ketu axis in 12th house 🏠

The person has a lot to learn in this life time with or without individual choice and needs self sacrifice. Helps less fortunate, handicapped, or afflicted. In their work, they are quite methodical, practical, punctual and steady. For Instance, The digestive system or problems with circulation needs attention in their case. In other words, Affliction sometimes result in lack of mental balance, vague imaginations and forebodings. Similarly. Avoid Occult studies.

In a conclusion, This are the predictions for Rahu & Ketu in different houses, Above all, if you don’t know your birth, mail at nfuture@mail.com, DM at Insta – nakshatrafuture. Checkout our other blogs too!

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