Results of planet Sun ๐ŸŒž in all Signs in birth chart

What are the results of Sun being in all zodiac sign in your birth chart?

The Sun ๐ŸŒž


In Aries โ™ˆ๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be active, intelligent ๐Ÿง , famous, traveller ๐Ÿงณ, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful.

in addition, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering, and initiative.

In Taurus โ™‰๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be clever, reflective, attracted by perfumes and dealer in them, hated by women, slow to action, musician, self-confident, delicious drinks.

in addition, happy meals, tactful, original, sociable, intelligent ๐Ÿง , and has prominent nose ๐Ÿ‘ƒ.

In Gemini โ™Š๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be learned astronomer, scholarly, gammarian, polite, wealthy, critical, assimilative, good conversationalist.

in addition, shy, reserved, and lacking in originality.

In Cancer โ™‹๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be somewhat harsh, indolent, wealthy, unhappy, constipation, sickly, travelling. in addition, independent and expert astrologer.

In Leo โ™Œ๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be stubborn, have fixed views, strong ๐Ÿ’ช, cruel, independent, organising capacity and talents for propaganda.

in addition, humanitarian, frequenting solitary places, generous, and famous.

In Virgo โ™๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be linguist, poet, mathematician, taste for literature, well read, scholarly, artistic, has good memory, reasoning faculty, effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehension.

in addition, learned in religious lore, reserved, and wanting adulation.

In Libra โ™Ž๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be manufacturer of liquors, popular, tactless, base, drunkard, loose morals.

in addition, arrogant, wicked, frank, submissive, and pompous.

In Scorpio โ™๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be adventurous, bold, fearing thieves and robbers, reckless, cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, impulsive.

in addition, idiotic, indolent, surgical skill, dexterous, and has military ability.

In Sagittarius โ™๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be short tempered, spoils, reliable, rich, obstinate, respected by all, happy, popular, in addition, religious, wealthy, and musician.

In Capricorn โ™‘๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be mean minded, stubborn, ignorant, miserly, pushful, unhappy, boring, active.

in addition, meddlesome, obliging, humorous, witty, affable, prudent, and firm.

In Pisces โ™“๏ธ –

For instance, Person could be pearl merchant, peaceful, wealthy, uneventful, religious.

in addition, prodigal and loved โค๏ธ by women.


In a Conclusion, ( vedic astrology โ€“ check the predictions with your moon sign) this are the Predictions for planet Sun being in all zodiac signs in your birth chart .

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