Result of Mars Transiting in Virgo for all Moon Signs

Mars transit in virgo is till 10th November 2019.

let’s know in this blog what will be the predictions of mars transit in virgo for all the moon signs.

Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)


Mars Transit in Virgo for moon in Aries people,

Aries Sign (Mesh Rashi)

Mars is lord of aries itself and transiting in 6th house from aries, Right now venus, Sun and mercury are also transiting here, that’s why all aries sign people need to take care of their health. But since mars aspects his own house from 6th house on 1st house aries with his 8th aspect, any kind of disease one would be having will be diminished. Nothing much to worry, Your life love can go up and down. It is possible that you could loose trust on your office colleague. At your work place your hold on people could increase, there can be some financial benefit from foreign sources. The debt which might have taken, you would be able to pay it back.

Remedies – Recite hanuman Chalisa everyday.



Taurus Sign (Vrishabh Rashi)

Mars is transiting in your 5th house from Taurus. In this time period you could worried about your child’s education, right now you should not take any risk regarding your children. Money can get used, there can be quarrels in the relationship. Any type of short cut would be loss giving for you, You should also be careful about your enemies. Be careful in money matters,

Remedy – Donate yellow lentil on tuesday.



Gemini Sign (Mithun Rashi)

Right now Mars is transiting in your 4th house from gemini. till 47 days mars will will be here. venus is with mars and saturn too is aspecting in this house. There can be more quarrels in your marriage life. Communication fight with children too is possible. New problem related to property and litigation can come up. Don’t be in a hurry to buy car otherwise some cheating is possible. Some relative could try to tarnish your image. If mother is old then good care of health should be taken. Drive Safely. take care of health.

Remedy – Donate yellow lentils



Cancer Sign (karka Rashi)

Mars is transiting in your 3th house from cancer. 3rd house is house of courage, boldness, siblings, Information technology, short distance journeys etc.  Your competitors will be defeated. but be careful at your work, some colleague could try to take credit of the work done by you. Financial position will get stronger but take care of your reputation. Fight with siblings is possible.

Remedy – Donate Sindur in hanuman temple every tuesday, recite hanuman chalisa in front of hanuman idol. Everyday drink water in silver vessel.


Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)

Mars is transiting your 2nd house from 1st house leo, @nd house is significator of food, speech, family etc. Since venus is in conjunction, there could be little bit financial loss. If you are thinking of investing money please wait for the right now, It is not a great time for business people. If you’re looking to get something from the paternal property, if you would need to put efforts for it and wait. Please be very careful of your precious belongings. While travelling take care of your things. Your anger will be increased and some people will have problem with your speaing style. Your speech will be aggressive, don’t get addicted, don’t mess with electric items.

Remedies – Recite Sunderkand padth and mantras of mars mangal.



Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

Mars is transiting in your sign itself, in this time period you could fall into fights again and again,  This will also put bad impact on you and your health. Take care of anger. Blood pressure could godown, You could stop trusting someone. please don’t take any important decision in this time period. wait for right time. take control of your anger otherwise your working will stop. be careful while driving.

Remedy – donate red color clothes and copper on tuesdays.


In a conclusion, This are the predictions of mars transit in virgo hope you liked it. . Above all, if you don’t know what is your Moon sign.

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