Pushya Nakshatra

All you need to know about Pushya Constellation, 8th Lunar Mansion of Moon

1. Pushya Nakshatra’s degree is between 3 degree 20′ to 16 degree 40′ Cancer.

2. It’s Symbol is Flower, a circle, an arrow, the udder of a cow.

3. Ruling Planet is Saturn, Nature is Deva ( God like).

Planet Saturn

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Dharma (righteous conduct).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is Male Sheep.

6. In addition, After that, Direction is East.

7. In addition, Sounds are Hoo, Hay, Ho, Daa.

8. In addition, Qualities are Rajas/Sattwa/Tamas and Laghu and Kshipra (light and swift).

9. In addition, Deity is Guru Brihaspati (Planet Jupiter, Guru of Gods).

Jupiter Brihaspati God

10. In addition, Bird connected with this nakshatra is Sea Crow.

11. In addition, Tree connected with this nakshatra Peepal tree, Sacred Fig.

12. In addition, caste is Kshatriya (Warrior).

Pushya Nakshatra -8th Lunar Mansion

The 8th lunar mansion of Moon, resides entirely on zodiac sign of cancer who’s Symbol is crab. Pushya means “to nourish” or “providing nourishment.” It’s symbol is udder of the cow. Zodiac sign Cancer which is ruled by Planet Moon it shows the maternal aspect of giving milk and giving emotional nurtured to her Child. Pushya, a deva or god like Constellation, it is considered the most auspicious for spiritual maturity.

Deity – Guru Brihaspati

The Presiding of this nakshatra is Brihaspati Planet Jupiter himself. He is the Guru of the Gods (has been guru of Ganesh and Kartikeya himself etc), main priest of the gods court,lord Shiva had made Brihaspati into Planet Jupiter. Therefore Jupiter is exalted in Pushya Nakshatra, gives intuitive wisdom, good fortune, powerful speech and purification of the psyche. It’s power is the ability to make spiritual energy (brahmavarchasa shakti). All types of worship and spiritual practice is given importance here.

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Saturn is ruling planet of this Constellation, which provides stability and enables creativity to come into entirely new forms. Due to conjunction of saturn and Jupiter energy, one can see faith in oneself, tranquility and fullness of life. This Constellation increases our positive efforts and good karmas with hard work and disciple. It is light nakshatra or laghu type which is great for starting a business or opening a new venture.

Animal Symbol – Sheep

The animal Symbol of this nakshatra is Ram or Male Sheep. A spiritual warrior can come out of this nakshatra, to reach his goals with calmness. Primary Motivation of this natives is dharma. Other symbols like flower, it shows the ability to blossom, and circle to reach the goals with wholeness.

Dark Side

The Shadow side of this nakshatra is selfish nature, arrogance, pride , stubbornness, jealousy. The evangelist jimmy swaggart had his moon in pushya. This nakshatra native need to more discriminating in their choice of friends. Though this nakshatra has the ability overthrow negativity and assert benefic nature. This natives can easily be deflated by criticism and doubt their own worth due to opinions of others. Insecurity and strong bonds with family is seen here. Though auspicious for starting new venture. But not a good nakshatra for wedding day.

In a Conclusion, this are some of the in details of pushya nakshatra, above all, if you don’t know in which nakshatra you’re born make sure to mail us at nfuture@mail.com. Checkout other blogs too!

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