Who are 9 Planets in Vedic Astrology? Part2

Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology? Part2


There are 9 main Planets in Vedic Astrology.

Let’s know in this post who are they?

How they look like and more?

This post is continued from Part1 so if you haven’t read it yet checkout here 


Signication of planets are given below:-

Planets (Graha)


jupiterinthesky pictures taken
  1. Jupiter is Grand Priest of all the Gods,and is advisor, Guru in the court of King Indra of the heaven.

  2. He has somewhat reddish brown eyes.

    jupiter guru brihaspati as god and guru
              Most Benefic Planet
  3. Is learned in Vedas and knows the real wisdom.
  4. His voice resembles that of lion, he is firm and prominently Satwic.
  5. Physical complexion is akin to pure yellow metal.
  6. Has broad and prominent chest.
  7. Always fond of virtues and is modest, has firm and large eyes and is of forgiving disposition.
  8. Wears yellow apparels, is phlegmatic, fat and pre-eminent.
  9. Has large belly
  10. Guru is said to be almost one of the most benefic planet.
  11. In Conclusion,

    Jupiter is Significator of Guru, husband in women’s chart, Adviser, turmeric, vedic rituals, Sacrifices, Happiness, Brahmins, Sages, Ascetics, Wisdom, Auspiciousness, hearing, work, Gold, Gold yellow color, Fat, Dharma, Gyan,

  12. In addition, Priests, Pilgrimage, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), North East Direction, Literature, Peace, Patience, Humility, Cow, Temples, Pooja Room, Jeevakaraka (self), Belly, Obesity and School, Colleges, Universities.



Venus (Shukra)

venus in the sky
venus shukra graha
Venus (Shukra/Shukracharya) Guru of Demons and Mahadev Bhakt (Devotee)
  1. Venus is beautiful, has long hands, broad chest and face.

  2. Famous for being Guru of the devils and stays with them in the Patal Loka.
  3. Known as one of the greatest Devotee of Mahadev.
  4. Lord Shiv speaks highly of him,
  5. Shiva has given him position in the 9 planets, Sanjeevani (from which he can make dead alive), Shukravar (friday) was dedicated to him etc.
  6. Is very seminal, Splendorous, has dark, short and extended hairs.
  7. Complexion is mix of yellow and green color.
  8. Is Sensuous, Windy and phlegmatic, very fortunate, wears multi-coloured apparels, is of Rajasic.
  9. sportive, intelligent, broad-eyes and has prominent shoulders.
  10. In Conclusion,

    Venus is Significator of Wife in Men’s horoscope, marital life, liquid cash, Beauty, Attractiveness, Sex, Semen, Luxury, Fashion, Creativity, Art, Cinema,

  11. In addition, Drama, Artist, Actor and Womens in general etc.




shani karmaphaldata
  1. Saturn is son of Planet Sun, he is most feared planet of all.

    saturn the god
    Saturn (Karmaphaldata Shani)
  2. Red depressed eyes, emaciated body, prominent veins, indolent, black-bodied, and windy in temperature.
  3. Tale-bearer, unkind, foolish, has large nails and teeth, is very dirty, impure, Tamasic in disposition, fierce, short-tempered, old (worn out), wears black apparels.
  4. For Instance, Shani is cruel, lame and is indicator of misery, longevity, livelihood, death, disputes, windy diseases, indolence, devils, base men, untouchables, sins, and legs.
  5. Important Facts about Saturn is that he delays things however never denies it, if you need something and will ask you to work hard for it, you will get it in a timely manner.
  6. He is Karmaphal Data (Karma lord) of the universe, he gives results according to what Karma we have performed. He is equal with gods as well as humans when giving their Karma results.
  7. In Conclusion,

    Saturn is Significator of Karma, Hard Working, Delays, Labour work, Misery, Longevity, Livelihoods, Death, Disputes, Windy Diseases, Indolence,

  8. In addition,

    Devils, Base Men, Untouchables, Sins, Legs, Money, Work, Career, Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam) etc.


Rahu (North Node)

rahu the planet north south

  1. Rahu/Ketu were actually one being before they were choped off by Lord Vishnu. Since had took the Roop of gods and had drank the nector of immortality.

  2. There birth name was Swayambhu,
  3. Swayambhu’s Mom was devil and he’s father was God, So Rahu was confused all his life who he was?
  4. Society didn’t accepted him in either way, he
    rahu the magnificent
    Rahu the Illusionist

    wanted to get status of God.

  5. Head is Rahu and Rest of the body is Ketu.
  6. Rahu is of thievish disposition and belongs to base caste.
  7. He is Black in complexion.
  8.  Is very ambitious person and always wants best in life, wants to be famous and rich etc.
  9. Similarly, Rahu and ketu are only planets who can even eclipse the Sun 🌞 and Moon 🌑.
  10. Whenever we want to check like what is this person wants?
  11. What he/she is here to accomplish or try to accomplish, We see the position of Rahu, Shows our dreams and ambitions in this life.
  12. Rahu is Ruler of Kal Yuga(Current Time Cycle).
  13. In Conclusion,

    Rahu is Significator of thieves, fear from snakes, leprosy, loose motions, small-pox, tastelessness of food, worm infections, elephants 🐘, death, wealth,

  14. In addition,

    Smoke, Alcohol, cat, ambitions, mission to accomplish in this life, Maya (illusion), trickster, loot etc.




(South Node)
  1. Ketu is other part of Rahu, Rest of the body except head.

  2. He’s position in the chart says about what we have already accomplish in our past lives.
  3. Has no interest in wordly affairs.
  4. Represents letting go of things, Liberation Moksha, he is a Spiritual Planet.
  5. For instance, Does not have a head and a thinking process.
  6. Seen as knife and known to cutting anything into two.
  7. In Conclusion,

    Ketu is Significator (Karaka) of poisonous creatures, monkeys, rats, animals, poverty, snakes,

  8. In addition, evil spirits, wounds, insipid food, dogs, debts, foolishness, illusion, Spirituality etc.




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