Pisces Rising People Characteristics

If you were born when Pisces sign was rising in the sky this post is for you,

In this scenario, the natural 12th house sign pisces is coming on to your first in your head, this indicates that you could travel to foreign or have some connection with foreign land, or interested in traveling there, for instance, this also shows that you’re mind has two ways, dual thinking pattern and both runs at the same time in different directions, for instance so you could have dual personality, you’re naturally very creative person, interested in dramatic arts too. You could be even interested in getting Moksha liberated.

Planet Jupiter is lord of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Meen Lagna

Pisces Rising

  • Native has thick lips, fish like eyes and large nose.

  • Is of phlegmatic and windy Temperament.

  • Is a Sage

  • One has a disfigured skin and of active habits.

  • One is Remarkable for his gains and loss.

  • Native has good staff and relative are so good nature.

  • Known to follow deeds of virtue.

  • Has a good spouse

  • One will help their father.

  • Native has a beautiful and symmetrical body.

  • Eyes are very attractive.

  • learned, grateful, satisfied, and fortunate.

  • Financial gains from selling produce of the seas.

  • One will overcome the enemies.

In conclusion, this were general traits of people born under pisces ascendant, this are also sometimes inclined towards liberation.

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