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Moon in All




In Vedic Astrology Moon is the signifactor of mind and emotions etc, so whenever we want to know about mind and general behaviour  we see moon sign,

moon is considered as one of the most important planet in vedic astrology, it is said that some bad yoga related to moon if you have in your horoscope then it can overpower the Raj yogas you may be having in the horoscope,  i’ll talk about planets in another post but in this post i am going to talk about zodiac signs, in vedic astrology we say moon’s sign as persons rashi or zodiac sign unlike in western astrology it is divided by months, definitely all the persons born in a particular month will not be thinking same plus in western astrology they take sun sign as there main sign,

Zodiac Signs

Moon in All Zodiac Sign(Rashi)

Moon stays for around 2.5 days in one Zodiac sign (Rashi), so rashi keeps on changing all the time in a specific period, like right now when i am writing this post moon is transiting through scorpio sign.

above all, if you don’t know where moon and other planets are placed in your horoscope when you were born please contact my team at or instagram page, we’ll send you the report where you can see all the details regarding the planets signs nakshatras diviosnal charts etc.

so whenever anyone asks you what is you zodiac sign? it means he/she is asking for the sign in which moon is placed in your horoscope when you were born.

There are 12 Zodiac Sign ( Rashi ) in vedic astrology

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

for instance, Each Rashi is ruled by some or the other planets,

In addition Now in this post i am going to explain you how will be your mind generally what will be your thinking pattern and behaviour, what kind of a person you could be normally.

According to you moon sign, please look for your moon sign below and your beloved ones. if you don’t know your moon sign (Rashi) contact our team.

Aries  –  1)this sign is ruled by planet Mars (Mangal)

2) it is even said that our born and death of all people is controlled by mars, since mars rules 1st and 8th signs, mars is signifactor ( Karaka) of blood, we are born and will die with blood,  about this only few astrologers knows in the world,

3) Mars (lohitang Mangal) is Shivansh, son of Shiva, born from Shiva’s sweat drop.

aries sign symbol
Aries Sign (Mesh Rashi)

4)  now i’ll tell you what are aries people like, they are go getters and always full of energy,

5) this people are valorous, self respected and libidinous.

6) the people are some times flickle minded and have weak legs.

7) the people honour and give importance to wealth.

8) Probably wounded on the head.

9) limbs of the body can be of red like color.

10) the people gets endowed with lasting wealth

11) this people always have some goal in their mind to achieve.

12) this people are not lazy (restless) they love to be workaholic

13) this people can get angry easily and get into physical fights.

14) this people are very passionate and ambitious in life.


 Taurus   – 1) this Sign is rule by Planet Venus ( Shukra / Shukracharya )

2) this people possesses eyes resembling that of bull

3) this people are large hearted and highly charitable.

Taurus Sign (Vrishabh Rashi)

4) this people are bound to become famous, attractive, libidinous and beautified

5) may keep short hairs

6) this people can differentiate between good and bad

7) this people walk beautifully with elegance and are endowed with forebearance  8) this people may love to sing.

9) this people are all about strong mind no tense , beauty luxury and into creative fields.

10) this people can become really good artists with emotions.

11) this sign is very good for the people who are into money lending business also professions related to finance, working at banks.


 Gemini   – 1) this sign is rule by Planet Mercury ( Budh )

2) it’s symbol is two girls siting opposite to each other.

3) For instance, So this people have a dual personality and dual thinking process in their mind constantly going on.

4) this people  wants to do multiple things at the same time and wants to earn from all their businesses.

5) this people are very intelligent.

6) they may have prominent nose and dark eyes.

Gemini Sign (Mithun Rashi)

7) this people are skillful in the art of love, poetry and communicating.

8) this sign is all about communication, sometimes they might be over doing it.

9) this people will enjoy sexual pleasures.

10) they may have line of fish in the palm.

11) this people are fond of wordly enjoyments.

12) this people are inclined to run their own business.

13) this people are youthful, flirtatious and are into dramatic arts and mass media etc.



 Cancer  –  1) this sign is ruled by Planet Moon ( Chandra )

2) this people are fortunate ones.

3) this sign is about emotions, we can say this people have more emotions compare to others.

4) this people are also valorous and endowed with residence, friends.

Cancer Sign (karka Rashi)

5) this people takes journeys more often.

6) this people are sensuous, grateful, truthful and may live abroad.

7) Above all, Passionate and interested in construction of houses, wells and giving comforts to family.

8) this people are fond of water and places near to it.

9) this people have a prominent neck.

10) this people have a good connection with their mother.

11) this people are nurturing and selfless.


 Leo   – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Sun ( Surya )

2) Sun is king of all planets.

3) this people have a personality and attitude of king.

4) this people are very courageous and valorous.

5) this people have broad face and chest.

Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)

6) this people have majestic looks.

7) this people are dutiful.

8) this people have the biggest pride, ego and self confidence.

9) Above all, Loves to BE appreciated.

10) this people have the ability to forgive others, even if enemy asks for forgiveness they give them.

11) this people can do anything for their followers, they can even die if need be to protect them like a king.

12) this people are kind hearted and very charitable.

13) this people have a charismatic personality and are greatest leaders out there.

14) this people never forgets insults.

15) Seen as best ceo, leading actors and being leader somewhere.

16) this people are dynamic, bold, sometimes arrogant, Royal, very creative and artistic leader.

17) this people are like to be at the center of the place.

18) this people have a good past life deeds and incline to do good deeds.



Virgo  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Mercury (Budh)

2) Above all Addicted to women.

3) this people have long hands and attractive body.

4) this people have attractive body, face, beautiful teeth, eyes and ears.

5) Learned, knowledgeable and truthful.

Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

6) this people can be religious perceptor.

7) this people are valorous and eloquent speaker.

8) this people are kind to living beings.

9)  Interested in others affairs.

10) this people are of forgiving nature.

10) this people are very intelligent.

11) this people are analytical and sharp minded.

12) Very systematic, calculative, detailed oriented and intellectual.

13) this people believe in routine.

14) this people can be healer, health instructor.



Libra  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Venus ( Shukra / Shukracharya )

2) Venus is the planet of love sex luxury romance females beauty liquid cash wife in mens horoscope control marital life for everyone etc

2) this natives might have elevated nose, broad eyes.

3) this people honors god and are wise.

Libra Sign (Tula Rashi)

4) this people are helpful to relatives.

5) this people like luxurious brands and their products.

6) this people are attractive and beautiful in appearance.

7) this people have a possibility to get various kinds of wealth.

8) this people loves to be in relationships.

9) this folks are artistic and loves to do designing.

10) this people loves to travel.

11) this people are always trying to set a balance between all the things in their life.



Scorpio  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Mars ( Mangal / Kuja ), it is also said that it is co ruled by Planet Ketu (South node )

Scorpio Sign (Vrishik Rashi)

2) this people have well rounded thighs.

3) this people may face many ups and downs in their life, this is a heavy karmic sign.

4) this people may have a unstable mind with psychological issues.

5) they are very brave people.

6) this people can be cruel in acts.

7) this folks might be sick in their childhood.

8) this people have beautiful eyes.

9) this people are skillful, fond of others, insanely passionate, valorous and has big head.

10) Loves their partner to infinity, like literally they can do anything for their partner.

11) if they find their partner in cheating, bound to take revenge.

12) this people can get the feeling of jealousy sometimes.

13) this people experience big transformation at some point in their life.

14) this people are stubborn, deep, seductive, magnetic, manipulative and rebellious.

15) the people can get into fight and become violent.

16) this people are into tantra, occult, mysticism, astrology and hidden things.

17) this people are the only one who even think about challenging the leo King other all bow and accept him as king.



Sagittarius  – 1) this sign is ruled by planet Jupiter ( Guru / Brihaspati )

                               Dhanu Rashi

2) this people will have round eyes, big heart, waist and hands.

3) this people are good speakers.

4) this people have prominent shoulders and neck.

5) this people might live near watery zone.

6) this people have knowledge of arts and secret affairs.

7) this people are courageous and processes strong bones and body.

8) Attached to their relatives.

9) this people are grateful and distinguished.

10) if jupiter is stronger in the birth chart then one will get fat physique.

11) this people can go on to study occult sciences and working in departments related to investigations, enquiry, commissions etc.

12) this people loves to give advice to other people and are stubborn their beliefs.

13) this folks are full of philosophical, religious, opinionated and hopeful souls.

14) this people are optimistic and believes in written law of universe.

15) this people travels to long distance places specially as pilgrimage.


Capricorn  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Saturn ( Shani)

2) Saturn is son of Sun but both are enemy to each other.

3) this people are shrewd and workaholic right from childhood.

4) this people are serious in nature and most probably won’t talk much.  5) this people can become good singers.

6) this people are averse to cold, they should avoid cold articles, be cautious in winter season in the m

                        Makar Rashi

atter of cold food and other habits.

7) this people believe in action

8) this people are very practical in their thinking.

9) Bound to come in authority due to their hard specially later in life in that they would love to serve society and do good to them.

10) this people are not sensitive.



Aquarius  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Saturn (Shani), it is also said that it is co ruled by Planet Rahu (North node)

2) this people can have elevated nose, rough or uneven body.

3) Addicted to intoxicants.

4) there could be some problem to the eye.

5) this people have a bright face and prominent waist.

6) this people can become artisan.

7) this people are very eccentric and awkward.

                         Kumbh Rashi

8) this people can grasp intuition.

9) this people have all type of wordly desires.

10) this people are great humanitarian, they have great feeling to do something great for the society, they want to group with a group of people and bring some big change transformation for the good.

11) this people are anti social.

12) this people loves ufo, aliens, scientific thinking, new age technology and information.

13) this people want to work in large organisation.


Pisces  – 1) this sign is ruled by Planet Jupiter (Guru / Brihaspati)

2) this people might have dual personality or dual thinking pattern in their mind.

3) this people are expert in fine arts and are capable to winning even unfavourable peoples.

4) Learned in Shashtras ( Scriptures ).  5) this people have a beautiful body.

5) this people are proficient in music and are very religious.

                          Meen Rashi

6) this people are polite speakers.

7) this people works under king (boss/government).

8) this people are somewhat irascible in nature.

9) this people have big head.

10)blessed with happiness and wealth.

11) Virtuous and interested in sailing and wanna be liberal.

12) Isolation, peace, travel, freedom, and confused.

13) this people are impractical and can become great musician.

14) this people have strong physic and intuition.

15) this people can work behind the scenes where you don’t need to show face and can get extreme feelings sometimes.

16) higher knowledge wisdom.


Thank you very much for reading my post, Above all, if you don’t know your Moon Sign make sure to mail us at our team will help further to get your astrological report, 

In Conclusion, there are many factors which may change the final outcome in your horoscope, like if any planet is aspecting the moon or there’s a conjuction or house placement, ascendant etc.

if this is first time on our website do checkout our other posts


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