Moon signs predictions in birth chart


Moon signs of any persons are most important from mind perspective.

How a Person’s personality and traits would be like according to their birth moon signs.

Zodiac Signs

Moon in Aries

Aries Moon people would have round eyes, would be impulsive, fond of travel, irritable, For instance. is fond of women, keeps vegetable diet, one would be very quick with actions and decision making. is haughty, inflexible with anything, has sores in the head, dexterous, fickle minded, war like, enterprising, good position, self respect, valiant, ambitious. For instance. person would be liable to hydrophobia if moon is afflicted, large thighs, popular, restless, idiosyncratic, versatile.


 Taurus moon are liberal, powerful, happy, ability to command, intelligent, handsome, influential. fond of fair sex, happy in middle life and old age, one gets great strides in life, beautiful gait, For instance.  large thighs and hips. phlegmatic afflictions, rich patience, is respected, loves intrigues. inconsistent, wavering mind, For instance. sound judgement, voracious eater and reader, native is lucky and popular, passionate, indolent and influenced by women.


Native born under gemini moon are creative, fond of women, learned in scriptures, good at reading, one is able to persuade. For instance. curly hair, powerful speaker, clever, witty, dexterous, fond of music, one has elevated nose like parrot, one is thoughtful reader, subtle and blessed with long life.


Person born with cancer moon is wise, powerful, charming, influenced by women, wealthy, kind , good, a bit stout looking. sensitive.

Impetuous, unprofitable, voyages, meditative, For instance. has much immovable property, is scientist, middle stature, prudent, frugal, piercing, native is conventional.


A person born when moon was transiting in leo sign is very bold, irritable with others behavior, could be blonde, has broad face like lion, could have brown eyes, is repugnant to women, one may like meat, For instance. like very much frequenting. forests and hills, might get colic troubles, inclined to be unhappy, haughty, has mental anxiety, is very liberal, generous, kind, has deformed body, steady, aristocratic, settled views, native is proud and ambitious.

Moon in Virgo

moon signs virgo – lovely complexion, almond eyes, be modest, sunken shoulders and arms, have charming, attractive personality. be principled, affluent, comfortable, soft body, sweet speech, honest, truthful. modest, virtuous, is intelligent and analytical, phlegmatic, For instance. fond of women, acute insight, conceited in self estimation, is pensive, conversationalist, For instance. has many daughters, loquacious, astrologer and clairvoyant or must be attracted towards them, skilled in arts like music and dancing and has few sons.


Person with Libra moon has reverence and respect for learned and holy people, saints and gods, For instance. native would be tall, raised nose, thin, deformed limbs, sickly constitution, rejected by kinsmen, intelligent, is principled, wealthy, For instance. business like person, obliging, love for arts, far seeing, idealistic, clever, mutable, is amicable , gets losses through women, loves women, is just and not so ambitious but is aspiring.


broad eyes, wide chest, round shanks, and thighs, isolated from parents or preceptors, For instance. brown complexion, straight forward, frank.

open minded, cruel, simulator, malicious, sterility, agitated, unhappy, but wealthy and impetuous, obstinate.


broad face, large teeth, skilled in fine arts, indistinct shoulders, For instance. disfigured nails and arms,  deep and inventive intellect, yields to praise, good speech, upright, gets help from wife and women, happy marriage life.

Many children, gets good inheritance, benefactor, patron of arts and literature,  ceremonial minded , showy, unexpected gifts,  author, reflective, mentally, and inflexible towards threats.


Are ever attached to wife and children, is virtuous, has good eyes, slender waist, For instance. quick in perception, clever.

Active, is crafty and somewhat selfish, is sagacious, strategic, liberal, merciless, is unscrupulous,?inconsistent, low motals, nighardly ang mean.

Moon sign Aquarius

fair looking, well formed body, For instance. has tall large teeth, belly low, youngish, sensual elevations and depressions.

Pure minded, artistic, intuitional, diplomatic, is lonely and peevish, artistic taste, energetic, emotional, esoteric, mystical, grateful and has healing powers.


last one from all moon signs – Fixed, fond of wife children, dealer in pearls, perfect build, long nose. For instance. bright body, likes to annihilating enemies, is always subservient to opposite sex, us handsome, very learned, steady. For instance. is simple and has good reputation.

loose morals, is very adventurous. has many children, native will be spiritually inclined later in life.

In a Conclusion,

( vedic astrology – check the predictions with your moon signs). This are the prediction of all zodiac signs. Above all, if you don’t know what is your Moon sign.

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