Moon in 27 Nakshatra Keywords

How is Moon like in all 27 Nakshatras,

In other words, find out keywords about your constellations. However, Detailed post about each nakshatra will be coming soon. Above all, Since you all were too eager to know, find out main things about your moon nakshatra in short.

Wheel of Astrology
  1. Moon in Ashwini

    Ashwini Kumars
  • Keywords for instance, Intelligent, bright mind, medicines.
  • Struggles until 30th year, then process occurs
  • Love of travel, Marriage usually occurs between the ages of 26 – 30.
  • Sincere love of family, believes strongly in God.
  • Moreover, Attracted to spiritual life, Fond of music and the fine art.
  • In addition, Attractive, beautiful appearance, happy mood, gives hope to others, healing gifts, nurtures others.


2. Moon in Bharani

Yama god of death
  • Keywords for instance, Eye disease, attractive.
  • charismatic, truthful, leadership.
  • shine well in public, healthy, free from disease.
  • artistic, clever in doing their work, dutiful.
  • investigation into occult studies.
  • Moreover, success through writing and publishing.
  • In addition, general betterment after 33 years of age.




3. Moon in Krittika

  • Keywords for instance, Bold, learned, Brilliant Appearance,

    Agni dev
  • Peaceful nature, well known,
  • Good advisor, Strong in purpose
  • Determined, Intelligent, but unstable mind.
  • Gifts in the fine arts,
  • Good periods: 24-35 ; 50-56
  • Moves away from the birth place.
  • Moreover, Attached to mother, trouble to father.
  • In addition, Combative nature at times.




4. Moon in Rohini

Lord Brahma
  • Keywords for instance, Lovely apperance, long life.
  • Balanced mind, brave, Good health,
  • Troubles with early marriage.
  • Indecisive, Gifts in music.
  • Dance and Drama. Successful career.
  • Success in politics, Fame, wealth.
  • Moreover, Well-developed muscles.
  • In addition, Best periods: 30-50 (after Rahu Dasa).




5. Moon in Mrigashira

Lord Soma
  • Keywords for instance, Intelligent, Writing skills, truthful.
  • Troubles with business partnerships.
  • Life is generally better after Rahu dasha (after21).
  • Sexual, beautiful, Timid, Bold.
  • Moreover, Religious worshipper.
  • In addition, Political nature, wealth.





6. Moon in Ardra

rudra shiva
Rudra Ardra Deity
  • Keywords for instance, Anti-Social, Many friends and colleagues.
  • Egoistical, Delays in marriage.
  • No interest in good work.
  • Ungrateful, mischievous.
  • Thirst for knowledge, curious mind.
  • Difficult marital karma.
  • Moreover, Great communicator, Orator.
  • In addition, First pada produces good effects, truthful.



7. Moon in Punarvasu

aditi mother of all gods
  • Keywords for instance, Fickle nature, Indecisive, self publishing.
  • Writing skills, better for women.
  • Troubles in marriage, leads a simple life.
  • Religiously inclined, self controlled.
  • Moreover, Good speech, easily contented.
  • In addition, Happy, friendly.




8. Moon in Pushya

Jupiter Brihaspati God
  • Keywords for instance, Strong issues with Mother.
  • Problems with family of origin,
  • Life improves after 33.
  • Wealthy, political interests.
  • Moreover, Liked by people, virtuous, composed mind.
  • In addition, Learned.





9. Moon in Ashlesha

Naga God Serpent
  • Keywords for instance, Sinful, ungrateful, Insincere.
  • Troubles in early marriage.
  • Need to watch diet, intuitive.
  • Research and Organisational skills.
  • Poetic nature, learned, writing & speaking gifts.
  • Moreover, Astrological gifts, intuitive, Mystical nature.
  • In addition, Entertainer, political success, leadership.




10. Moon in Magha

Pita Dev Ancestor god
  • Keywords for instance, Hot tempered, Physically strong,
  • Charitable, enjoys life, Enterprising.
  • Involved in some important mystical work.
  • Moreover, Worship of Gods and ancestors.
  • In addition, Honoured and recognised.



11. Moon in Purva Phalguni

Bhaga Dev God of luck,prosperity and fortune.
  • Keywords for instance, Fond of Sex, Disturbed mind.
  • Teaching skill, Mystical nature.
  • Beauty, generosity, sweet speech,
  • A Wanderer, Love of travel.
  • Self-Employed, Creative Artists.
  • Attractive personality, Fine Arts.
  • Moreover, Leadership, love of drama,
  • In addition, Creative Intelligence.



12. Moon in Uttara Phalguni

Lord Aryaman
  • Keywords for instance, Clean-hearted, independent, tactful.
  • Best period 38-62, Good for marriage,
  • Friendly nature, happy, inventive mind.
  • Good intelligence, Respected.
  • Moreover, Much comfort and luxury,
  • In addition, Well liked, successful, stable.






13. Moon in Hasta

Surya Sun God
  • Keywords for instance, Moody nature, Many ups and downs in life.
  • Inclined towards intoxication, cunning,
  • Remain unattached, make quick friendship.
  • Wealth late in life, sweet smile, attractive,
  • Moreover, Practical, creative,
  • In addition, industrious in work.



14. Moon in Chitra

Vishwakarma god of architect
  • Keywords for instance, Prophetic, intuitive, Good for astrologers.
  • Difficulties in marriage for women.
  • Benefits through mother,
  • Troubles with father, recognised even in a large crowd.
  • Great lovers, Strong sexual appetite,
  • Moreover, Artistic, attractive eyes,
  • In addition, Beautiful body.



15. Moon in Swati

Vayu God of Wind
  • Keywords for instance, Charitable, humanitarian concern.
  • Greater advancement after 30, wealth.
  • Troubles with marriage, traveller.
  • Independent, hot tempered, adamant.
  • Generous nature, clever speech, Fame.
  • Moreover, Righteous,
  • In addition, Compassionate, Truthful.



16. Moon in Vishakha

Deity Indra and Agni
  • Keywords for instance, Humanitarian, Politically inclined,
  • Truthful, treats all religious as one.
  • Leadership, lives away from family.
  • Attracts a crowd, bright appearance,
  • Moreover, Speaks convincingly, writer.
  • In addition, Intelligence of the highest order.



17. Moon in Anuradha

Radhe known for Devotion to krishna
  • Keywords for instance, They march forward, come what may.
  • Problems with marital relationships.
  • Wealthy, handle difficult situations.
  • Charismatic, handle working, brave.
  • Moreover, Wise, truthful, devotion.
  • In addition kind hearted.




18. Moon in Jyeshtha

Indra King of gods
  • Keywords for instance, Great wealth or poverty,
  • Tormented, troubles in early life.
  • Many job changes, Good stamina.
  • Obstinate nature,
  • Musical gifts.
  • Moreover, Virtuous,
  • In addition but irritable at times.



19. Moon in Mula

Niriti Goddess of dissolution and destruction
  • Keywords for instance, Charitable nature, Soft disposition.
  • Spends money on friends, Wealthy.
  • Luxurious habits,
  • Success in foreign lands.
  • Good Oratory skills,
  • Peace loving.
  • Moreover, Gives spiritual advice,
  • In addition Proud, attractive.




20. Moon in Purva Ashadha

Apah goddess of water
  • Keywords for instance, Strong attachment to certain friends.
  • Writing skill, Highly philosophical nature.
  • Intelligent,
  • Good Communicator, starts war.
  • Obstinate,
  • Moreover, Convincing power, dictatorial.
  • In addition Attractive, charismatic leader.



21. Moon in Uttara Ashadha

Vishwa Deva’s 10
  • Keywords for instance, Troubles with early marriage.
  • More success after 35, military progress.
  • Leadership, ends war,
  • grateful, pure hearted.
  • Charming, graceful, refined. Well liked.
  • Moreover, Many friends,
  • In addition charitable, Intelligent, virtuous.


22. Moon in Shravana

Lord Vishnu
  • Keywords for instance, Eats good food, Perfectionist, Religious.
  • Generous marital partner, overly zealous.
  • Political interests, principled, a good host.
  • Charitable, listens, Wealthy, creative genius.
  • Moreover, Art interests, Fame,
  • In addition good speech, Intelligent.



23. Moon in Dhanishtha

Asta Vasus
  • Keywords for instance, Obstinate, several mates, Mystical.
  • Troubles or delays in marriage.
  • Difficult to convince of anything.
  • Fond of music and poetry, controversial.
  • Moreover, Daring and rash in action, charitable.
  • In addition Wealthy, liberal in gift-giving.




24. Moon in Shatabhisha

  • Keywords for instance, Artistic nature, Independent, opinionated.

    Varuna God of rain and oceans
  • Defeats enemies, bold nature, Daring.
  • Adamant, Psychology, interest in astrology.
  • Excellent memory, Pranic Healers.
  • Writing skill,
  • charitable, Meditation.
  • Moreover, Truthful,
  • In addition principled, healers.




25. Moon in Purva bhadrapada

Aja Ekapada
  • Keywords for instance, Witty nature, cynical, writer, scholarly.
  • Intelligent, Clever in executing work.
  • Wealthy, intuitive gifts,
  • Moreover, Occult knowledge.
  • In addition Teaching skill, spiritual depth.




26. Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada

Ma Laxmi
  • Keywords for instance, Happy marriage, Enjoy children, controls anger.
  • Overcomes Enemies, happy and wise.
  • Clever in speech,
  • Service oriented.
  • Moreover, Good hearted, virtuous, innocent looking.
  • In addition Attractive.



27. Moon in Revati

  • Keywords for instance, Success in foreign lands, Good marriage karma.
  • Clean well formed body, magnetic.
  • Beautiful, courageous, love of pets and animals.
  • Interests in ancient cultures, much wisdom.
  • Moreover, Well liked, Wealthy, Independent.
  • In addition Ambitious.





In conclusion, this is how Moon in all 27 Nakshatras Keywords are, easy and quick way to understand all constellation. Above all, if you don’t where is your moon placed, email us at . do checkout our other posts too. like share with others, so they can be benefited too.

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