Mercury in all Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology

What are the Results of Planet Mercury in all zodiac signs in vedic Astrology in your birth chart?

Mercury in all Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology :-

Mercury is significator of Intelligence, Communication, analytical thinking, banking, statistics, friends etc, let’s find out in this blog what would be the result of planet mercury in all rashis in your birth chart.


Aries ♈️

Aries Sign (Mesh Rashi)

For instance, When mercury is placed in first house of your horoscope, it has full directional strength. But when mercury is in aries ♈️ a person could be evil minded, middle stature, obstinate, clever, social, great endurance, materialist tendencies, unscrupulous, wavering mind, antagonist, fond of speculation, impulsive, greedy, dangerous connections, deceitful, swerving from rectitude


Taurus ♉️

Taurus Sign (Vrishabh Rashi)

For instance, High position, well built, clever, logical, mental harmony, many children, liberal, persevering, opinionative, wealthy, practicable, friends among women of eminence, inclination to sexual pleasure, well read, showy.


Gemini ♊️

Gemini Sign (Mithun Rashi)

For instance, Inclination to physical labour, boastful, sweet speech, tall, active, cultured, tactful, dexterous to mothers, indolent, inventive, taste in literature, arts and sciences, winning manners, liable to throat and bronchial troubles, musician, mirthful, studious.


Cancer ♋️

Cancer Sign (karka Rashi)

For instance, Witty, likes music, disliked by relations, low stature, speculative, diplomatic, discreet, flexible, restless, sensual though religious, liable to consumption, strong parental love, dislike for chastity.


Leo ♌️

Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)

For instance, Few children, wanderer, idiotic, proud, indolent, not fond of women, boastful, orator, good memory, two mothers, poor, early marriage, independent in thinking, impulsive, positive will, remunerative profession, likes traveling.


Virgo ♍️

Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

For instance, Learned, virtuous, liberal, fearless, ingenious, handsome, irritable, refined, subtle, intuitive, sociable, no self control, morbid imaginations, dyspeptic, difficulties, eloquent, author, priest, astronomer.


Libra ♎️

Libra Sign (Tula Rashi)

For instance, Fair complexion, sanguine disposition, inclination to excess, perceptive faculties, material tendencies, frugal, agreeable, courteous, philosophical, faithful, ceremonial minded, social, discreed.


Scorpio ♏️

Scorpio Sign (Vrishik Rashi)

For instance, Short, curly hair, incentive to indulgence, liable to disease of the generative organ, general debility, crafty, malicious, selfish, subtle, indiscreet, bold, reckless.


Sagittarius ♐️

Sagittarius Sign (Dhanu Rashi)

For instance, Taste in sciences, repected by polished society, tall well built, learned, rash, superstitious, bigorous, executive, diplomatic, cunning, just, capable.


Capricorn ♑️

Capcricorn Sign (Makar Rashi)

For instance, Selfless, business tendencies, economical, debtor, inconsistent, low stature, cunning, inventive, active, restless, suspicious, drudging.


Aquarius ♒️

Aquarius Sign (Kumbh Rashi)

For instance, Middle stature, licentious, proud, quarrelsome frank, sociable, rapid strides in life, famous, scholar, cowardly, weak constitution.


Pisces ♓️

Pisces Sign (Meen Rashi)

For instance, A dependent, serves others, dexterous, peevish, indolent, petty minded, respect for gods and brahmins.


In a Conclusion this is the result of Mercury in all houses.

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Hope this blog help everyone to understand the what are the results of

Mercury in all zodiac signs in vedic astrology.

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