Leo Ascendant Characteristic

If you’re born when leo sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you

For the people who are born under leo rising, the natural 5th house sign is coming to your first house on your head, this shows that, one has great inclination towards creativity and in administrative field, this people are king in their own world, loves when they are appreciated and gets attention, Above all  if you don’t know what is your Ascendant make sure to contact us at nfuture@mail.com with birth details we’ll help you with the same.

Singh Lagna

Planet Sun is lord of Leo Zodiac sign

Leo Rising

  • Reddish Eyes.

  • Very courageous

  • Large Chin and Broad Face.

  • Native will be Arrogant

  • Powerful Valiant.

  • Firm Minded fixed and Obedient to mother.

  • Fond of roaming about in forests and hills.

  • Gets Angry on trifles.

  • Be Severe and fond of Spicy food

  • Bilious Temperament

  • Conceal’s Himself.

  • Supports their Family

  • Can be Niggard for some

  • Likes the people

  • Will be a Man of renown and of resignation.

  • Annoys their staff.

  • Able and Energetic.

  • Sinful Nature.

  • Has disensed waist, knees and teeth

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