Krittika Nakshatra

All you need to know about Krittika Constellation, 3rd Lunar Mansion of Moon

Sun (Surya)

1. Krittika Nakshatra’s degree is between 26 degree 40′ Aries to 10 degree 00′ Taurus

2. It’s Symbol is Flame or Razor.

3. Ruling Planet is Sun, Nature is Rakshasa (demon).

4. In addition,Primary Motivation is to follow Kama (desire).

5. In addition, Animal Symbol is Female Sheep.

6. In addition, After that, Direction is North.

7. In addition, Sounds are Aa, Ee, U, Aye.

8. In addition, Qualities are Rajas/Rajas/Sattwa.

9. In addition, Deity is Agni, the god of fire

Agni dev

10. for instance, Famous people born in this Nakshatra are Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Frida Kao, Mick Jagger etc.


Lunar mansion at Aries Side

This Krittika nakshatra comes in aries and Taurus sign as well. The first pada (3 degree 20′) is in aries, with the remaining ten degrees in taurus zodiac sign. Planet Sun is ruled of this nakshatra. Therefore, in the first pada, Sun/Mars dynamic Energy is experienced due to the aries influences. Leadership, Authority, and power comes in as results here. Similarly, President Bill Clinton’s natal Moon is placed here.

Krittika Overview

The Moon is Happiest and exalted at the 3 degrees of Taurus in this Constellation. Krittika shows that determined and tenacious will to achieve greatness in life. Signifies fighter for a social cause, the spiritual warrior. Heat burns yet it blessed to be most purest which helps to get food to everything. The Presiding Deity is Agni dev, god of Fire and transformation. Krittika nakshatra’s Symbol are a flame, a razor, an axe or other kind of edge weapons.

This Constellation strongly represents the power to burn (dahana shakti) or to cut away negativity to achieve the deepest truths. Krittika exactly means the cutters and is called “the star of fire” for obvious reason. Since Agni Dev is the God of the sacred fire, purification is the dominant activity of this lunar mansion. When Moon is in Krittika it is good to perform a fire ceremony to propitiate Agni (havans). In addition,  It can bring out the divine qualities in human nature with the fires of purification. Agni is the fire that cooks our food, so there is also nourishment qualities too, also Krittikas wife of Chandra is known for their Nourishing and Caring nature towards kumar Kartikeya. Krittika is considered a misra (mixed) nakshatra which is generally great for daily activities such as cooking. Krittika also reflects the radical changes mostly in personal and social front.

Constellatin at Taurus Side

The remaining 10 degrees of Krittika fall in the zodiac sign of taurus, ruled by planet venus. Gifts in the fine arts, actor personality may generated through the venus/sun engery involve here. The famous artist frida kahlo had her moon in the Taurus side of Krittika. In addition, There is strong desire to create children when planets are in this nakshatra. Beauty, elegance and fashionable, attractive, charismatic personality comes out from here. Princess Diana’s Venus resides in early taurus Krittika.

Dark Side of this Constellation

The dark side of Krittika Constellation is one could be stubborn, Aggressive nature. Destructive tendencies and issues with anger are seen specially in aries side. A passive aggressive personality may be active. Fiery emotions and combative nature can result in. However,  Illicit affairs and attractions to others mates can occur specially at taurus side. The person may have hard time with diet and eating habits. The primary Motivation of Krittika is kama or desire. A child-like nature can also be seen. In conclusion, a major lesson which this nakshatra gives is discipline over oneself’s desires nature and finding pleasurable activities that are truly healing and revitalizing.


In conclusion, this is the general results of the 3rd lunar mansion, above all if you don’t know  your placements, mail us at do read other blogs too!

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