Jupiter Transit Predictions for all Moon signs

Jupiter Transit

This blog is about Jupiter transit for all Moon signs, it will transit from 5th November 2019 to 30th November 2020 in Sagittarius.

Prediction for Jupiter transit in sagittarius for all Zodiac signs, you should check this blog from your moon sign.

Aries β™ˆοΈΒ  ( Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius )

Aries Sign (Mesh Rashi)

If you’re Moon in Aries, From 5th November Jupiter will transit in your 9th house from your natal Aries moon 🌝, it will be transiting here till 30th March 2020. You’ll get benefic results of your work. Working class people will get progress and businesses will be profitable. In this time period you’re family life will be really peaceful, you’ll enjoy happiness from your children, In addition, Financial life will be strong. In other words, You can earn from multiple sources. You’ll be happy, healthy and religious during this transit. You would like to do religious ceremonies. It is good transit for you’re father too.

Remedies – Worship and Chant mantra of Lord Shiva .

Taurus ♉️

Taurus Sign (Vrishabh Rashi)

For you, Jupiter will be transiting in your 8th house from natal moon 🌝 from 5th November. Due to this transit till 30th December 2020. You might need to face some obstacles in life. You should take good care of your health. In other words, it is advisable to you that you take in only healthy and good food. In this time period you can get some bad news too. It can make you sad and there can be unwanted travels. It can make you worried. In addition, You should try to save your money πŸ’΅ and you would need to payback the money which you had taken. It is not a very favorable time for working class people. You would need to work to get some results.

Remedies – Worship Lord Vishnu and every Thursday go to religious place.

Gemini β™ŠοΈ

Gemini Sign (Mithun Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 7th house from your natal moon 🌝. In this transit you’re married life will be really great. If you had been going through disease related to pancreas or liver then in this time full recovery is absolutely possible. You’re financial life will be strong. It is good time to invest money πŸ’° in some venture during this time. In addition, Invest investing you should take advice from someone experience. In other words, In this time period you will become a sweet talker. Social life will be good.

Remedies – Light a candle everyday.

Cancer ♋️

Cancer Sign (karka Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 6th house from your natal Moon 🌝. Due to this transit you may need to face some health problems. For the native who are doing job, you’re co workers can try to plan something against you. It is advisable that you be-aware at your job place and don’t be over confident. Be careful with your business partner too. In addition, You may need to fight with your brother or sister for paternal property. In other words, You’ll trust your spouse. During this period some native might need to take a loan from bank 🏦. It is good life for students.

Remedies – Donate banana 🍌 specially on Thursdays.

Leo β™ŒοΈ (Jupiter Transit Predictions)

Leo Sign (Singh Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 5th house from your natal moon 🌝. In this time period from 5th November to 30th march 2020 it will great time for students. It will be very benefic transit for you. Due to Jupiter’s aspect on 9th house you’re luck will rise. You’re social standing will be good , people will admire you and your talents. You’re business life will be quite smooth. There will be feeling of feeling of righteousness and will to help someone. In addition, You’re Parents will be happy with you. In other words, You’ll not be able to give attention to your financial life much. You’re knowledge will get enhance. And during this time you can buy property ir vehicle πŸš—.

Remedies – Worship lord Shiva.

Virgo ♍️

Virgo Sign (Kanya Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 4th house from your natal Moon 🌝. In this time you might need to face lot of problems. There can be some communication fights with your mother and father so patience don’t try to go always from problems. In addition, Native of government job can shock people around them with their performance. There can till problems or obstacles with studies.

Remedies – Feed cow and give food to someone.

Libra β™ŽοΈ

Libra Sign (Tula Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 3th house 🏠 from your natal Moon 🌝. It is not a favorable transit for you , without any reason you’re enemies and financial losses will increase. Laziness in you can rise and you might try to delay all your work. In addition, Some people might even need to change their place. For instance, There can be unwanted travels which you would need to do. You need to work very hard in this time period. Be righteous and karmic.

Remedies – Every Thursday worship lord Krishna.

Scorpio ♏️ (Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius)

Scorpio Sign (Vrishik Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 2nd house from your natal moon 🌝. In this period you’re family life and situations will be very good. You’re daily intake of food will be very healthy. You will become financially strong. But you won’t be able to increase your bank balance yet rolling money will be good. Pending payments will be received. Still it will be hard for you to do some extra saving. Family unity will be excellent. For instance, You’re spouse will appreciate for your efforts. In addition, There can be auspicious functions at home. In other words, If you work with courage at job you’ll be progressive. You’re enemies won’t be able to do anything against you.

Remedies – Recite Guru mantra.

Sagittarius ♐️

Sagittarius Sign (Dhanu Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your Moon 🌝 sign sagittarius ♐️ for around 4 months. In this time period you will be successful in all ventures. You’re son will gain great success which will make you feel proud. You’ll be successful in competitive exams. In addition, Financial problems will go away. Even though there are chances that you’ll be able to save money but you may lose it because of your own fault. Marriage life will be good. Keep anger in check. Otherwise there can be arguments.

Remedies – do sandalwood mark on forehead for increasing confirmed.

Capricorn ♑️

Capcricorn Sign (Makar Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 12th house from your natal moon 🌝 . In this transit you should be very careful in taking any decisions related to money πŸ’΅. Therfore, it will make you work for the religious things. In other words, You will spend on it too. For instance, Students will be very happy and time will good. There will be long distance journeys.

Remedies – keep yellow cloth handcloth with you.

Aquarius ♒️

Aquarius Sign (Kumbh Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 11th house from your natal moon 🌝. 11th house is house of gains, there will be income from many sources. Business will start running again smoothly. You’ll be very successful in your standing. In addition, You need to be careful from your opponents. Old investment will pay you off very well. Marriage life will be pleasant. Love life is also beneficial.

Remedies – Feed food to cow.

Pisces ♓️

Pisces Sign (Meen Rashi)

Jupiter will be transiting in your 10th house from your natal moon 🌝 till 30th march 2020. Previous transit for smooth and beneficial for you but now in this transit job employees there can be extra work loads. There can be transfer. In addition, For some time you would need to deals with problems. Marriage life will be good. In other words, Mothers health will good. There will be financial gains. You’ll be able to get rid of loans. For instance, Hard work will be paid well. Students should stay alway from bad company.

Remedies – worship to God everyday



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