Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology


What are the results of Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology.

Jupiter in all houses in vedic astrology in your birth chart. 

1st house

For instance, Magnetic personality, good grammarian, majestic appearance, highly educated, many children, learned, dexterous, long lived, respected by rulers, philologist, political success, sagacious, stout body, able, influential, leader.

2nd house

For instance, Wealthy, intelligent 🧠, dignified, attractive, happy, fluent speaker, aristocracy, tasteful, winning manners, accumulated fortune, witty, good wife and family, eloquent, humorous and dexterous.

3rd house

For instance, Famous, many brothers, ancestors, devoted to the family, miserly, obliging, polite, unscrupulous, good agriculturist, thrifty, good success, energetic, bold, taste for fine arts 🎭 and literature, loved by relatives.

4th house

For instance, Good conveyances, educated, happy, intelligent 🧠, wealthy, founder of charitable institutions, comfortable, good inheritance, good mother, well read, contented life.

5th house

For instance, Broad eyes, handsome statesmanly ability, good insights, high position, intelligent 🧠, skillful in trade, obedient children, pure hearted, a leader.

6th house

For instance, Obscure, unlucky, troubles, many cousins and grandsons, dyspeptic, much jocularity, witty, unsuccessful, intelligent 🧠, forless.

7th house

For instance, Educated, proud, good life and gains through her, diplomatic ability, speculative mind, very sensitive, success in agriculture, virtuous wife, pilgrimage to distant places.

8th house

For instance, Unhappy, earnings by undignified means, obscure, long life, mean, degraded, thrown with widows, colic pains, pretending to be charitable, dirty habits.

9th house

For instance, Charitable, many children, devoted, religious, merciful, pure, ceremonial minded, humanitarian principles, principles, conservative, generous, long lived, father, benevolent, god fearing, highly cultured, famous, high position.

10th house

For instance, Virtuous, learned, clever in acquisition of wealth, conveyances, children, determined, highly principled, accumulated wealth, founder of institutions, good agriculturist, non violent, ambitious, scrupulous.

11th house

For instance, Lover of music, very wealthy, statesmanly ability, good deeds,

accumulated funds, god fearing, charitable, somewhat dependent, influential, many friends, philanthropic.

12th house

For instance, Sadistic, poor, few children, unsteady, character, unlucky, life lascivious,

later life incline to asceticism, artistic taste, pious in after life.

In a Conclusion this is the result of Jupiter in all houses.

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