How are People born on Sunday ?

This is a blog, which gives a in general predictions About People born on Sunday.

  • Sunday is day of Planet Sun 🌞, and Sun is king πŸ‘‘ of all planets. Without Sun we cannot imagine a life on earth 🌍.
  • In Addition, So people who have born on Sunday, they have a great influence of planet Sun 🌞 in their life.
  • This folks are beautiful, on their face there is some divine brightness, big and round face.
  • In Addition, This people have some special magnetism in them. They are positive and famous.
  • They are also hard headed and Very Ambitious.
  • In Addition, This folks have great leadership quality within them. Instead of following someone, this people like to walk on their own path.
  • They are Rich and makes money with their own efforts. This people are sometimes introverted and never like to compromise, that’s why they have less friends πŸ‘«.
  • In Addition, They appreciate relations so much, that’s why their relative won’t them even if they get angry.
  • They folks are also sensitive at times, things which they hear from others impacts them greatly.
  • In Addition, This people are very hard working, their financial standing is normally good. They have self confidence equal to a mountain πŸ”.

Career (how are Sunday born people Career wise?)

  1. In terms of Career, this people are very hard working, Ambitious and hard headed. They have qualities of being a good leader, like a politician. That’s why they are successful in Politics. They do good in fields like Science 🧬, Energy, Technology, IT engineering, Police and jewelry etc. They go to height of success with the hard work and become a inspiration and symbol for world.
  2. In Addition, This people like to walk a different path instead of walking in groups, very confided and for them nothing is impossible.
  3. Only thing is that this people should have well placed strong Sun 🌞 in their Birth chart it should not be debilitated.
  4. If the Sun 🌞 is supporting in the birth chart, nothing holds them back, they are unstoppable in the world 🌎.

Married Life about People born on Sunday.

  • This people have a very bad habit of doubting on people, so this can lower their value among friends and family.
  • In Addition, Even though this people have many love relationships in their life, but it hardly anything lasts long, normally their marriage life is happily passed but they have a habit of getting angry. Therefore someone sometimes they get bad results.
  • Advice for you is Please don’t get angry.

Body Nature (People Born on Sunday)

  • This people have pitta (fire) dominant body. They have lot of fire in their body. Inflammation, normally this people don’t get disease easily but they get its hard to get rid of it for long. In Childhood days they get disease related to skin. Around teen age they get jaundice related disease. This people should not eat fried and spicy 🌢 food. They should offer water to Sun 🌞 every day in the morning. And while reciting gayatri mantra.
  • In Addition, When people born on sunday comes across any kind of addiction like alcohol etc, their life can turn into disaster and their won’t be turning back or good results.
  • This people are in one second happy and other second not.
  • If they get enemies and someone did wrong to them, they have a great desire to take revenge. Normal like 70% of the people born on Sunday have more anger than normal people.
  • In Addition, This people should trust blindly. Also one should not doubt someone without reason.

The Followings are Lucky for People born on Sunday

  1. Lucky day, number and gemstone.
  2. Number – 1
  3. Day – Monday , Thursday and Sunday.
  4. Color – Red
  5. Direction – East.
  6. Rising year – 22th or 24th year.
  7. Months time in a year – 21th july to 20th August, 21th November to 20th December and 21th March to 20th April.
  8. Stone – Normally Ruby stone is beneficial. (But don’t wear without consultation).
  9. Beneficial God – God Sun 🌞 (Surya).


1) Every day wake up at sun rise , Offer water to Sun 🌞 everyday.


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