Gemini Ascendant People Characteristics

If you’re born on Gemini Rising then this post is for you

Mithun Lagna

Planet Mercury is Lord of Gemini Zodiac Sign

  • Generally have black eyes and curly hairs.

  • Enjoys association with women.

  • Has big friends circle and thick neck.

  • One is extremely Intelligent and has ability to read others mind.

  • Nose could be elevated.

  • Fond of Music and dancing.

  • Likes to remain indoors.

  • Will be either of defective limbs or will possess extra limbs.

  • Sweet speech

  • Engages in Excellent work

  • Dual mind, multiple thinking process at the same time, mixed temperament

  • Small body and of small understanding

  • Liked by Preceptor and by sages

  • Has very few young brothers

  • Not be of very active habits.

  • Posses good qualities

  • Anxious to engage in a number of works

  • Virtuous

  • Earns and spends much

  • Free from serious diseases

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