What triggered Coronavirus epidemic in the world Astrologically explained.

What triggered this epidemic Coronavirus according to transits in vedic astrology.

why coronavirus spread and expanded so much globally?

Whenever Rahu and ketu transit in Gemini and Sagittarius big events happen because it one of the most powerful placement of them in all zodiac signs, last time they were here 18 years back transiting and 26/11 in U.S.A had happened, on 27th December 2019 Sun 🌞 Jupiter Mercury and Venus were conjunct with Ketu in sagittarius and Rahu in gemini while saturn in capricorn and mars in scorpio making it sagittarius house into paap kartari yoga too, since Jupiter is with ketu and aspecting rahu it expanded and made it big so this disease spread from a city to entire world, last time Jupiter was not conjuct so bad event didn’t spread globally,

When things will get better?

Now on 31th march Jupiter will move Capricorn with saturn and mars, so ketu will be alone in sagittarius so from this atleast what will happen is that the spread of disease will stop at global level and expansion, next things Sun 🌞 the karaka (significantor) of immunity will move to Aries ♈️ sign on 14th april and will transit in Ashwini Nakshatra (ashwini kumaras are celestial healer and twin son of Sun himself) so from this moment peoples immunity power will get strong and on 22th april when moon will transit Ashwini nakshatra in conjunction with Sun 🌞 slowly it will be the End of Coronavirus.

In a Conclusion,

( vedic astrology – Above all, check the predictions with your moon signs). Hope this blog help everyone to understand the transit which triggered coronavirus from vedic astrology point of view.

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