Career Interests according to Nakshatra

Which Nakshatra drives to which Career Interests?

Let’s find out in this blog, which interest intrigues you according to certain Nakshatra you have on your charts.

1. Ashwini Career Interests

Ashwini Kumars
  • For instance, Military Personnel, Police, Criminal courts.
  • Physicians, Merchants, Salespeople.
  • Jockeys, Horse Trainer, Musicians.
  • In addition, Therapists, Psychologists, Healers, Mystics.



2. Bharani Career Interests

Yama – God of death
  • For instance, Building Contractors, Lawyers.
  • Financial Consultants, Entrepreneurs.
  • Business People, Psychologists, Astrologers.
  • Hynotists, Psychics, Occultists, Film and Music industry.
  • In addition, Publishers, Writers.




3. Krittika Career Interests

Agni dev
  • For instance, Building Contractors, Modelings.
  • Fashion designers, Singers, Dancers.
  • In addition, Musicians, Advisors, Spiritual Trachers.




4. Rohini Career Interests

Lord Brahma
  • For instance, Models, Fashion designers, Restaurant and Hotel Business.
  • Real estate, Agriculture, Dancers, Actors.
  • In addition, Artists, Musicians, Politicians, Authority Positions.





5. Mrigashira Career Interests

Lord Soma
  • For instance, Writers, Poets, Astrologers, Mystics.
  • Researchers, Teachers, Engineers.
  • Gemologists, Teachers, Researchers.
  • In addition, Mystics, Astrologers, Poets, Writers.





6. Ardra Career Interests

rudra shiva
Rudra Ardra Deity
  • For instance, Drug dealers, Butchers, Athletes.
  • Humanitarian Projects, Politics.
  • Sales, Public Relations, Social Services.
  • In addition, Hospice Work, Writers, Teachers.





7. Punarvasu Career Interests

aditi mother of all gods
  • For instance, Mystics, Spiritual Teachers, Publishers.
  • Writers, Politics, Entertainment.
  • In addition, Drama, Acting.






8. Pushya Career Interests

Jupiter Brihaspati God
  • For instance, Artists, Musicians, Police, Military.
  • Aquatic Biologists, Geologists.
  • In addition, Government Positions, Politics.






9. Ashlesha Career Interests

Naga God Serpent
  • For instance, Pimps, Prostitutes.
  • Zoo keepers, Snake Charmers.
  • Mystics, Astrologers, Teachers.
  • In addition, Writers, lawyers, politicians.





10. Magha Career Interests

Pita Dev Ancestor god
  • For instance, Managers, Self Employed, Hypertension.
  • Historians, Archaeologists, Musicians.
  • Actors, Heads of corporations.
  • In addition, Lawyers, Politicians.



11. Purva Phalguni Career Interests

Bhaga Dev God of luck,prosperity and fortune.
  • For instance, Sex and Marital therapists, Professors.
  • Teachers, Politicians, Government service.
  • Cosmetics, Jewelry, Wedding Planners.
  • Photography, Television, Radio.
  • Retail sales, Business Managers.
  • In addition, Models, Actors, Musicians.


12. Uttara Phalguni Career Interests

Lord Aryaman
  • For instance, Sales, Business Minded people.
  • Mathematics, Astronomers, Astrologers.
  • Healing arts, State Health Employees.
  • Media Personalities, Writers, Actors.
  • In addition, Philanthropist, Social Workers.




13. Hasta Career Interests

Surya Sun God
  • For instance, Palm readers, Astrologers, Travel Industry.
  • Conference Planners, Healers, Hospital.
  • Volunteer Work, Public Relations.
  • Sales, Communications, Writers, Scholars.
  • In addition, Teachers, Craftsmen, Artists, Painters.





14. Chitra Career Interests

Vishwakarma god of architect
  • For instance, Police Detective, Armed forces, Film.
  • TV, publications, Radio, Religious people.
  • Learned in the Vedas, priests, Lawyers.
  • In addition, Interior Design, Architects, Jewelers.




15. Swati Career Interests

Vayu God of Wind
  • For instance, Traders in drugs and alcohol, stock brokers.
  • Travel industry, Transportation,Judges.
  • Legal profession, Priests, Yoga Teachers.
  • In addition, Sales, Business Skill.




16. Vishakha Career Interests

Deity Indra and Agni
  • For instance, Lawyers, Politicians, Public speakers.
  • Writers, Military leaders, Scientists.
  • In addition, Researchers.







17. Anuradha Career Interests

Radhe known for Devotion to krishna
  • For instance, Mining Engineers, Musicians, Actors.
  • Criminal Lawyers, Plumbers, Dentists.
  • Conference Planners, Travel industry.
  • In addition, Organizational skills, Business management.




18. Jyeshtha Career Interests

Indra King of gods
  • For instance, Philosophers, Intellectuals, Engineers.
  • Detectives, Police, Modeling. Dancers.
  • Musicians, Military leaders, Self Employed.
  • In addition, Management.



19. Mula Career Interests

Niriti Goddess of dissolution and destruction
  • For instance, Business and Sales, Pharmacists, Doctors.
  • Politicians, Lawyers, Teachers, Spiritual.
  • Philosophers, Writers.
  • In addition, Public Speakers.






20. Purva Ashadha Career Interests

Varuna God of rain and oceans
  • For instance, Public speaking, Actors, Film.
  • Foreign Traders, Travel Industry.
  • In addition, Lawyers, Politicians, Boating.
  • Shipping industry, Debaters.
  • In addition, Writers, Teachers.




21. Uttara Ashadha Career Interests

Vishwa Deva’s 10
  • For instance, Social Work, Government Jobs.
  • Boxers or Fighters for a cause.
  • Military Work, Hunters.
  • In addition, Scientists, Researchers, Pioneers.




22. Shravana career Interests

Lord Vishnu
  • For instance, Travel, Researchers, Geologists.
  • Business skill, Politicians.
  • Religious Scholars, Astrologers.
  • In addition, Linguists, Speech Therapists, Teachers.



23. Dhanishtha Career Interests

  • For instance, Charitable Organisations, Research Work.

    Asta Vasus
  • Scientists, Mining, Engineering.
  • In addition, Property Management, Real Estate.
  • Doctors and Surgeons, Musicians.
  • In addition, Poets.

24. Shatabhisha Career Interests

  • For instance, Organisational
    Apah goddess of water

    Development, Engineers.

  • Electricians, Clerical Work, Secretaries.
  • Writers, Research Work.
  • Physicians, Healers, Physicians.
  • In addition, Astrologers, Astronomers.




25. Purva Bhadrapada Career Interests


  • For instance, Business skills, Administrative planners.
  • In addition, Black magicians, Occultists.
  • Statisticians, Research skills.
  • In addition, Ascetics, Astrologers, Priests.





26. Uttara Bhadrapada Career Interests

Ma Laxmi
  • For instance, Teachers, Philosophers, Writers.
  • Mystical work, Astrologers.
  • In addition, Saints, Priests, Religious work.
  • Travel industry, Import and Exports.
  • In addition, Charitable Work, Non Profit Organisation.




27. Revati Career Interests

  • For instance, Flight attendants, Travel Agents, Publishers.
  • Editors, Journalists, Religious Work, Mystical.
  • In addition, Psychics, Government positions, Urban Planners.
  • Charitable work, Humanitarian Projects.
  • In addition, Politicians, Comedians, Film Actors.






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