Cancer Ascendant Characteristics

If you’re born at the time when in the sky cancer sign was rising then this post is for you

                          Karka Rashi

If you don’t know what sign was rising when you were born please do contact us, caner rising normally are more emotional than others.

Karka Lagna

Planet Moon is lord of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Rising

  • This people continually critize and order about their spouses.

  • Has thick neck

  • Fond of making friendship

  • Possess many houses and will be wealthy.

  • Waist will be thick but one will be short statured.

  • Very Intelligent.

  • Fond of watery sports like swimming and waterfall kind of places etc.

  • Native will walk Fast.

  • Will be Crooked.

  • This people don’t fixed principles in their mind.

  • Timid Nature.

  • Grateful personality.

  • Is of Phlegmatic and windy Temperament.

  • Quickly understands things.

  • Follow his/her enemies.

  • Will spend someone else’s property.

  • Haughty among his people.

  • Could lose his child.

  • Engage in Important works in Foreign lands.

  • Imperfect speech.

  • Master over other men.

  • Will have an unequal wife.

  • Suffers disgrace from their enemies.

  • Respected by many persons.

In conclusion, cancer ascendant people are emotional and nourishing folks out there, please do checkout our other posts too.

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