Ascendant Nakshatra Results In Keywords

Results of  Lagna Nakshatra

let’s find out in keywords what characteristic and results you have according to Ascendant Constellations. there are 27 nakshatra and Abhijit, for sure you’re born under one nakshatra on ascendant.

1. Ascendant in Ashwini

Ashwini Kumars
  • Keywords for instance, Drug problems, Need to control diet.

  • Efficient, Modest, Prominent.

  • Respected, Magnetic look, Brilliant eyes.

  • In addition, Love of travel, Adventurous spirit.




2. Ascendant in Bharani

Yama – God of death
  • Keywords for instance, Fond of family, but few biological children.

  • Help their friends and family.

  • In addition, Good health, Vibrant.

  • Famous, Proud, Confident.

  • In Addition, Pioneering Spirit, Courageous.





3. Ascendant in Krittika

Agni dev
  • Keywords for instance, Wavering mind at times, Strong appetite.

  • Truthful, Honest.

  • Wealthy, Skillful, Ambitious.

  • In addition, Proud, Dignified, Honorable.





4. Ascendant in Rohini

Lord Brahma
  • Keywords for instance, Sexual addiction, Indulgent.

  • Sensual nature, Sex symbol.

  • Virile, Romantic, Artistic.

  • In addition, Popular, Political Power.

  • Wealthy, Charismatic Leader.

  • In addition, Magnetic eyes, Attractive, Brilliant.




5. Ascendant in Mrigashira

Lord Soma
  • Keywords for instance, Love of Travel, Daring.

  • Mental vacillation, Active mind.

  • In addition, Good Speech, Talkative, Enthusiastic.

  • Face of a deer, Seeker of truth.

  • In addition, Mystical, Seductive Nature, Attractive.




6. Ascendant in Ardra

rudra shiva
Rudra Ardra Deity
  • Keywords for instance, Deceitful, Ungrateful, Athletic.

  • Good dexterity, Athletic.

  • In addition, Fickle mind, Crafty speech.

  • Writing and Communication skills.

  • In addition, Intelligent, Brilliant mind.





7. Ascendant in Punarvasu

aditi mother of all gods
  • Keywords for instance, Success in business, Acting skill.

  • Needs a spiritual mate, Several mates.

  • In addition, Fun loving, Freedom loving, Moves a lot.

  • Poetic, Passionate Thinker, Writer.

  • In addition, Charitable, Thoughtful, Intelligent.






8. Ascendant in Pushya

Jupiter Brihaspati God
  • Keywords for instance, Creative Nature, Musical gifts.

  • Good status, Independent, Religious.

  • In addition, Intuitive, knowledge, Bold, Stubborn.

  • Eloquent in Speech,

  • In addition, Humanitarian, Thoughtful Nature.






9. Ascendant in Ashlesha

Naga God Serpent
  • Keywords for instance, Intrigue, Issues with Deception, Service Oriented.

  • Capable of much Exertion,

  • Needs alone time.

  • Few children, Need to develop tact.

  • In addition, Ungrateful, Sensual, Seductive Nature.





10. Ascendant in Magha

Pita Dev Ancestor god
  • Keywords for instance, Deep-rooted dislike for certain people.

  • Susceptible to Allurements of sex.

  • Receives praise, Respected.

  • Wealthy, has servants.

  • In addition, Devoted to God and forefathers.

11. Ascendant in Purva Phalguni

Bhaga Dev God of luck,prosperity and fortune.
  • Keywords for instance, Government positions, leadership.

  • Vital nature, good health.

  • Learned, creative intelligence.

  • Charismatic, attractive, sensual nature.

  • In addition, Gifts in music, dance, drama.






12. Ascendant in Uttara Phalguni

Lord Aryaman
  • Keywords for instance, Intuitive, Mystical powers, Humanitarian.

  • Skilled with hands, Intelligent.

  • Talent in business, Sensual nature.

  • Beautiful, Generous, Proud.

  • In addition, Attractive, wealthy, several mates.







13. Ascendant in Hasta

Surya Sun God
  • Keywords for instance, Serves the public, Humanitarian.

  • Thievish Mind,

  • Fond of Mind.

  • Eloquent in Speech, Respected.

  • Artistic, Attractive, Sensitive.

  • In addition, Entertaining, Like able, Sociable.




14. Ascendant in Chitra

Vishwakarma god of architect
  • Keywords for instance, Honest, Desire for Spiritual Liberation.

  • Graceful, Expressive Nature.

  • Jewelry, Wears Colorful Clothes.

  • Wealthy, Lives away from Birth Place.

  • Strong ego,

  • In addition, Engaged in a Variety of Pursuits.




15. Ascendant in Swati

Vayu God of Wind
  • Keywords for instance, Lives away from Birth Place.

  • Political Nature,

  • Interest in Psychology.

  • Medicine, Religious.

  • Dresses simply.

  • In addition, Kind, Happy, Humorous.



16. Ascendant in Vishakha

Deity Indra and Agni
  • Keywords for instance, Mystical, Astrological knowledge.

  • Wealthy,

  • Politically Inclined.

  • Wise,

  • Devoted to forms of worship.

  • In addition, Aggressive, Impatient, Easily Angered.





17. Ascendant in Anuradha

Radhe known for Devotion to krishna
  • Keywords for instance, Fond of family life, Groups, Organisations.

  • Need to watch diet, Promiscuous.

  • Secretive Nature, Moody.

  • Psychic, Devoted to Spiritual Pursuits.

  • In addition, Attractive Passionate, a Wanderer.




18. Ascendant in Jyeshtha

Indra King of gods
  • Keywords for instance, Charitable, Love of Children.

  • Many friends, Well liked, Loose morals and much Passion.

  • Writing skill, Smooth and Respected.

  • In addition, Honored, intent on their dharma.





19. Ascendant in Mula

Niriti Goddess of dissolution and destruction
  • Keywords for instance, Overcome illness, Health complaints.

  • Issues with anger, Marital turmoil.

  • Suspicious, Skilled and Clever.

  • Attractive learned, Philosophical.

  • In addition, Ambitious and Independent.




20. Ascendant in Purva Ashadha

Varuna God of rain and oceans
  • Keywords for instance, Strong interest in law and politics.

  • Educational Handicaps can occur.

  • Humble, many friends and children.

  • Faithful to their mate, Good Marriage.

  • In addition, Proud nature, Positions of High Respect.





21. Ascendant in Uttara Ashadha

Vishwa Deva’s 10
  • Keywords for instance, May become famous later in life.

  • Good public, Servant and Counselor.

  • In addition, Wanderer with many mates, fond of fun.

  • Sharp intellect, Reads intensely.

  • In addition, Sincere and kind nature, Honest.




22. Ascendant in Shravana

Lord Vishnu
  • Keywords for instance, Few children, kind nature, charitable.

  • In addition, May live away from birthplace.

  • Excellent character, well known.

  • In addition, Religious nature, scholarly work.




23. Ascendant in Dhanishtha

Asta Vasus
  • Keywords for instance, Inquisitive mind, liberal in thought,

  • In addition, Philosophical.

  • Rash, Arrogant, Wealthy, Optimistic.

  • Ambitious, Virtuous, Charitable, Idealistic.

  • In addition, Regal and Heroic Nature, Humanitarian.




24. Ascendant in Shatabhisha

Apah goddess of water
  • Keywords for instance, Deception, Trouble with alcohol.

  • Travel for educational purposes, Intelligent.

  • In addition, Political interests, Philosophical Nature.

  • Service Oriented, Quiet.

  • In addition, Interest in Mysticism and Astrology.




25. Ascendant in Purva Bhadrapada


  • Keywords for instance, Good longevity, Money through Government.

  • Intent on their work, changes Residences Often.

  • Fond of travel, high strung, strong sexual attractions.

  • In addition, Good speaker, Philosophical Nature.


26. Ascendant in Uttara Bhadrapada

Ma Laxmi
  • Keywords for instance, Fickle nature, Permanent Enemies.

  • Poetic, Writing skills, Many Travels.

  • In addition, Treasures, like Unique.

  • Love of family, Happiness from Children.

  • Occultist, Humanitarian Nature.

  • In addition, Eloquent in speech, Benevolent.




27. Ascendant in Revati

  • Keywords for instance, Love of travel, Good longevity.

  • Social, many friends, Good host.

  • In addition, Attractive, strong and clean body.

  • Leadership skills, Responsible Nature.

  • In addition, Valiant, Rich, Proud.



In Conclusion, this are the keywords at a glance, In Other Words what each nakshatra signifies on ascendant, above all if you don’t know where is your Nakshatra place, Similarly to know make sure to reached us at , In Addition, checkout other posts too! After that do like, Share.

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