Aries Rising and Lagna

 Aries Ascendant Characteristics ?

aries 1st House, Importance of Rising sign

Basically it is your first house in a horoscope, as you know there are 12 houses in vedic astrology. first house also represents our head since it is first part of our body Even though Lagna is one of the very important thing to look for after moon sign and stuff, it’s lord actually represents yourself, mars is lord of sign.

for instance, whenever the placement of it is strongly placed in the good houses that’s what reflect out for the person.

the 12 zodiac sign are

1. aries  2. taurus  3. gemini  4. cancer  5. leo  6. virgo  7. libra  8. scorpio  9. sagittarius  10. capricorn  11. aquarius  12. pisces

from this sign one of the sign could be in your first house of your kundli (horoscope).

First lord = lagnesh

first house = lagna = ascendant

Rising Sign = ascendant sign

What will be the effect of each Rising Sign ?

Aries Lagna
  1. Aries Ascendant

  • People born under Aries Lagna are Arrogant, Witty, absolute Clever, Intelligent, Fair, Pitta Body, Urga, Generous, Best in their Community, Passionate etc.

  • This people get benefit of Wealth and Vehicles at the age of 16, 20, 28, 34, 41, 48 and 51.

  • And face loss of wealth and physical problems at the age of 6, 8, 15, 21, 36, 44, 56 and 63.

  • This natives are born with round eyes, knees will be week

  • Can have Aggressive Temperament but one will be afraid of water.

  • One will be active and will always be moving about, full of energy without getting tired, limbs will be bruised.

  • Will eat sparingly and very passionate person in life about everything.

  • Speak falsehoods.

In conclusion, this is how people born under aries rising are, please do checkout our other posts too.

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