Aquarius Rising People Characteristics

If you were born when aquarius sign was rising in the sky, this post is for you

In this scenario, the natural 11th house Zodiac Sign aquarius comes to first house on the head, this indicates that one could have thought of financial gains always in their mind, or any kind of desire, gains could come naturally to them, their elder siblings could have some influence on the native, Native could be interest in large organisations and doing something big for the society.

Planet Saturn is lord of Aquarius zodiac sign, it is also said that This sign is also co ruled by Rahu.

Kumbha Lagna

Aquarius Rising

  • This People have tendency to commit sinful actions secretly.

  • Feels Greedy and is eager usurp or utilise other people’s money.

  • Native will Endure long marches on road.

  • Very Clever and can even hurt others.

  • One will have a body like a water pot.

  • Fond of perfumes and flowers.

  • Financial position could be fluctuating.

  • One could be of Inactive Habits and of harsh nature.

  • Could be Eldest in the Family.

  • Is of bilious and Windy Temperament.

  • One would have a big nose.

  • Sometimes wastes one own wealth.

  • Could be having many servants or employees working under them.

  • Native could be hated by his own blood relatives, preceptors, Enemies and friends.

  • Wicked behaviour

  • Acquires many properties and lands.

  • May not believe in charity.

  • Would be liking to show a state of virtue.

  • Worship Gods

  • Could suffer from phlegmatic diseases

In conclusion, this are the general traits of Aquarius Ascendant people, one could be lean and tall in appearance, mysterious look and eccentric nature, could have a good ability to persuade people.

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