Analysis of Coinbase IPO Stock Astrology?

Coinbase Fundamentals

Coinbase is largest Crypto exchange platform in the U.S, basically it lets users buy/sell crypto currencies. Even hold in the wallet, and also has coinbase pro which is better version for experience people.

It is also said that it is one of the safest platform in the world to hold Cryptos.

As other exchanges have faced a lot of hacking attacks. Coinbase did IPO through direct listing which reflects a strong companies and cash positive. As Crypto is most hyped in 2021, this was like most anticipated IPO of the year.

When we look at Coinbase’s growth numbers it is great. In 2019 revenue was 483 million $ and in 2020, they made 1140 million $ which shows, they doubles their revenue as more and more people are coming into crypto. So now lets look at Coinbase’s IPO chart by Vedic Astrology, what does it say? let’s try to analyse it.

Vedic Astrology Chart for Coinbase IPO

Coinbase IPO had happened at 13:25 14th April 2021 at New york, New york.

Coinbase through Vedic Astrology

  • For Coinbase IPO stock astrology, If we look at the chart D1 is Cancer Ascendant and D9 is Sagittarius Ascendant. In D1 moon is 1st lord which sitting in the 10th house of highest status in the chart plus it is at 29.23 degree of Aries and about to go to her exalted position. Whenever we look at any chart 1st house and 1st lord is most important specially for person
  • Whenever 1st lord is place in certain house that area in our life. It always stay around us through out life. In the Coinbase chart Yogi planet is Ketu and Duplicate Yogi Sun and Ava Yogi is Rahu.
  • Since 1st is sharing the house which Yogi planet Sun, it is a great thing plus in the 10th house.
  • there are 3 main planets Sun, Venus and Mercury and Uranus too and Sun is having the lowest degree which means.
  • Sun is controlling this conjunction and it is a Yogi Planet too which is a great thing.
  • Whenever in any conjunction all planet which are place before and specially the one. Which is controlling always transfer their energies to other.
  • Even though you don’t really call this a a conjunction because of the large degree gap yet always in conjunction before planet transfer their energies in one house.
  • – Hope you understood. So in this chart Specifically Sun will transfer his energy which is related to his signification and of his lordship.
  • Sun is lord of 2nd house in this chart, 2nd house is of Bank balance, savings etc, No wonder they have this cash in hand.
  • It is double Beneficial as Sun is 2nd lord and Yogi planet at the same time. In any chart Yogi planet tend to promote prosperity. by the way! in this chart Sun is the strongest planet.
    • D9 of Coinbase IPO stock astrology :-
  • For Coinbase, Which reflects its worldwide fame. In the navamsha D9 Sun is sitting in the 5th house in Aries in Ashwini nakshatra which tends to help the stock as 5th house is stock market.
  • Plus beautiful Mars Jupiter is place in the 11th house in the D9 which clearly states long term this stock is going to be very profitable.
  • Jupiter is in Swati and Mars is in Chitra due to Jupiter, there’ll be increase in wealth plus it is great that Jupiter is 1st lord in the D9, so 1st lord in 11th house plus 5th lord mars in 11th with Jupiter and 9th Sun in 5th, it is just very great, eventually it will give great gains for long term investors, don’t forget this is happening in D9 which tends to show later.
  • Though Saturn Rahu in 7th house of business in D9 indicates some problem could come up later on plus 8th lord moon is in D9 lagna. Now most important aspect of the D9 lagna is that Ketu is in Lagna at 5.57 degree and D9 ascendant is at 20.03 degree, most of the astrologer out there would say after seeing this its bad for wealth, Ketu would take away wealth. Though in this case i would say contrary because Ketu is the Yogi planet in this Chart, and according to our research we have found that Ketu as Yogi planet tends to promote great wealth, though i would have preferred even closer conjuction to D9 ascendant.
  • So guys i analysed i more or less D9 ascendant which most tend to ignore, i would say it is very important, it actually gives how is someone really from inside, where they’ll eventually lead to. So lets get back to D1 now, 11th lord is Venus and it is sitting in 10th house with Sun which 2nd house lord and this conjunction is within 5 degree orb, it is one of great wealth Yoga. Since Uranus is in this 10th house conjuction with Moon i would say Coinbase will continue to bring innovation in its platforms.
  • Now 3rd House in Coinbase D9 vedic astrology chart which rules IT, 3rd lord here is mercury sitting in 9th house in Pisces Revati nakshatra 26 Degree and its his own nakshatra plus its wealth giving nakshatra. Mercury is debilitated but Saturn from 7th house with its 3rd aspect will be controlling Mercury with its misbehaves. But Mercury is in Purva bhadrapada in Aquarius in 3rd house in D9 with Jupiter’s aspect so clearly indicates eventually problems related to IT and communication will be solved.
  • Now lets get to the most important house which is 5th house of Stock market where Ketu is placed in Scorpio in Jyeshtha nakshatra 17.19 degree. Jyeshtha nakshatra is one of the Top 6 wealth giving nakshatra according to Joni Patry, and our research says the same thing analysing billionaires charts.

Vedic Astrology Interpretation for Coinbase IPO stock astrology :-

  • I would say Ketu’s placement is just perfect in the 5th house as it is Yogi Planet, it’ll give good results related to stock market. Plus 1st cuspal sub lord is Ketu which indicates Ketu is very important planet for this chart, its script according to KP includes number 12 which indicates losses along the way. means stock could go up and down be volatile but it eventually it’ll be very profitable as we checked out earlier.
  • I checked out script of 5th cuspal sub lord too, it is giving profits numbers from stock market yet since
  • Rahu is Ava yogi and 5th cuspal sub lord too, be ready for volatility and it is placed in 11th house in the D1.
  • According to our research, if one wants to be in the 1 % or even in the 1% of the 1% one definately got to have Rahu in their 3rd house 6th house or in 11th house in the birth chart or atleast from Moon chart.
  • As Joni says Jupiter is wealth and Venus is great wealth we absoubelty with this though we’ll add to this Rahu is huge wealth as Sage Parashara says Rahu is Ashwariya Karaka.
  • But specifically here we’ll take Rahu as neutral because its Ava Yogi planet but Rahu in 11th house is just so perfect plus Rahu is exalted too and its very strong. But remember nodes always gives results according to his sign and nakshatra placement, but 3rd 6th 11th is exceptional. So Conclusion we see long term this stock to be very profitable. One should always invest long term as you know the stats of traders.

Still lets try to analyse this stock, how it’ll perform in 2021 in a macro level.

Through out 2021, Stock will be going through Sun Mahadasha and Rahu Intardasha, Sun dasha is just so perfect clearly showing gains from stock market.

Rahu Sub period is tricky, as we discussed earlier, Coinbase IPO stock astrology :-

It is Ava Yogi planet too, which is opposite to prosperity. According to KP script it is giving 4 number which negation of 5 stock market. Though at nakshatra and sub lord level it is okay showing more gains overall but still always gotta be careful from Avayogi planet.

Sun-Ra-Ra –> 16th march to 4th May 2021, as we can see already Rahu’s Intardasha and pratyantar dasha wasn’t profitable as of 2th may 2021, Stock is down 21.88% from its all time high of 429.54 $, Rahu did his job.

Sun-Ra-Jup –> 4th May to 17th June 2021, if we look at Jupiter is placed in the 8th of D1 in Aquarius 1.39 degree. as per KP chart Jupiter is situated in 7th house.

  • when we look at Bhava chalit chart of D1 Jupiter is in 7th house. So we’ll clearly take Jupiter as it is 7th house not 8th but Jupiter will give result of 7th house and result of dhanistha nakshatra and Aquarius Sign as per bhava chalit principles.
  • So 9th and 6th sitting in 7th house is good, from 9th it is at 11th house away. Above as we already seen Jupiter is greatly beneficial according to D9 sitting in 11th house making laxmi yoga. Now lets look at KP script Jupiter is giving 5,6,11.
  • Which is great for gains and at nakshatra level too is giving 5,11 just at sub level 12 is coming too. So there’ll be losses too, so be careful overall looks more upside.

Sun-Ra-Sat –>

17th June to 8th August 2021, Saturn is giving 6 7 8 which reflects volatility. Nakshatra level gives 2 which is good, sub level gives 12 which gives 12 indicates there can be losses too.

Sun-Ra-Mer –> 8th August to 24th September 2021, Mercury gives 3 9 11 but at sub level jupiter is giving 5 6 11 which indicates kinda perfect combo,

  • There can be losses too due to mercury but due to Jupiter more gains are indicated. I think ATH level is possible.

Sun-Ra-Ke –>

24th September to 13th October 2021, at Ketu level it is giving good number overall it is good plus it is Yogi planet too.

  • At nakshatra and sub level 12 is coming which indicates losses though still i expect Ketu togive some good results.

Sun-Ra-Ve–> 13th October to 7th December 2021, Venus is giving 5,11 which indicates great gains,

  • At nakshatra level Ketu is there.
  • At Sub level Rahu is giving 2,5,11 too, I expect Rahu to give good results still as avayogi can surprise.
  • In this time period i see more upside and maybe a ATH.

Sun-Ra-Sun –> 7th December to 23th December 2021, Overall i see more upside.

Sun-Ra-Mo –> 23th December to 20th January 2022, Moon gives 9 10 2, which indicates increase in status. Nakshatra level Sun is good, sub level again Rahu has appeared with 2 5 11 overall more upside indicated.

In a Conclusion, this was unfolding of Coinbase IPO stock astrology.

Hope you liked it, you did do share and none of this is financial advice. Always take all trades with risk management.

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